DJ Sharlese Metcalf Shares Her Favorite Albums Of The Year (Thus Far)

We asked DJ and music artist Sharlese Metcalf to share what she is listening to right now—and what we should too.

We admit to not knowing exactly what summer means or even looks like this year. But as the unofficial start of the season has arrived, we thought it only good form to send you off for the long weekend with some music and books recommendations (the latter coming next!)—two things that have always punctuated the warm weather for our team. 

DJ, music educator, and social activist Sharlese Metcalf is perhaps one of the coolest women we know. Her knowledge and love of music is apparent not just in her day job as the Education & Community Engagement Manager for internationally known and followed)independent station, KEXP, but her passion extends far into our community of Seattle.

We initially asked Sharlese to share some of the albums she has frequented during quarantine, and she responded with a list of her favorite EPs from the year featured below. Even better! Enjoy this expertly curated selection while in your backyard or, well, front yard this weekend. We'll see you there—masked and from six feet away, of course. 



"Fire Rising EP" by Midwest Nice // A duo from PDX that is has my one of my favorite releases of the year. Techno, synth with some vocals. 100% pure dance!

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 9.31.36 AM

"Nouveau Neon" Crystalline Stricture // Exciting synth from the UK. This artist is really pushing the future of this sound and it makes my heart beat like crazy! I can't get over how good it is and how each album he puts out is connected to the last. He really tells a beautiful story and I'm not sure if he means to, but I hear it and that is audio adventure he brings to me.


"Exeter" Bladee // This is something I hold near and dear to my heart. Not sure if many people will understand it, but it's pretty religious to me. I can't explain it and don't want to.


"Truth or Consequences" by Yumi Zouma // Poppy, feel good dreamy music from New Zealand that sets me in the right mood. I just love them and how their music just makes happy! I've been a fan of their music for quite some time and I can't get over how much I love it.


"Paradise Gardens" by White Poppy // Shoegazy, dreamy pop with bits of post punk from a Vancouver BC band. Lush and beautiful and you can tell it was made with love.


sharlese pic

Sharlese Metcalf is the Education & Community Engagement Manager at KEXP and hosts Expansions every third Sunday of the month. She loves listening to music, cooking and doing yoga and spends time volunteering on various boards around the city, standing up for what she believes in and promoting the music she loves. 



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