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...because goodness and optimism matter, too.
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Baya, Femmes et orangers fond blanc, (Women and orange trees on a white background), 1947; Gouache on board 18 7⁄8 x 24 3⁄4 in. (47.9 x 62.9 cm); Collection of Isabelle Maeght, Paris © Photo Galerie Maeght, Paris via The Cut

Baya, Femmes et orangers fond blanc, (Women and orange trees on a white background), 1947; Gouache on board 18 7⁄8 x 24 3⁄4 in. (47.9 x 62.9 cm); Collection of Isabelle Maeght, Paris © Photo Galerie Maeght, Paris via The Cut

There’s the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s very ugly out there right now, and so we’ve decided it may be worth our while to focus on the good (for right this very second and then continue fighting). Here are a few lovely things that are making our week a little brighter:

Would you be surprised to know that a sixteen-year-old girl influenced artistic greats Picasso and Matisse? She “used gouache as her primary medium, depicting a world without men but full of bright images of women, nature, and animals. The bold patterns in her work are attention-grabbing, but her life story is even more so.” Read on here for more about Baya Mahieddine’s extraordinary life and work.

The loveliest reminder: "Baby, you are the strongest flower that ever grew." 

Image Credit: Design*Sponge

Image Credit: Design*Sponge

A simple, happy home, and a reminder that good things come to those that wait. Home owners Louise and Ryan (along with their two children) put their spin on modern traditional, refined and playful when renovating a nearly 130-year-old home in West London and the result is beautiful.

Because the title of this article says it all: The Beauty Of Not Skipping Chapters. Life is hard, we want to skip over parts — but, as the author notes, with eyes closed you miss the bad, but also the very good. There’s beauty in sharing all chapters of life.

Image Credit: Eater

Image Credit: Eater

Netflix's adaptation of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat follows Iranian-American chef Samin Nosrat and radically challenges the usual cooking show vibe, and we're totally into it. It’s also a reminder of the way that real people eat off camera, with unrestrained delight and eagerness.

A podcast that feels like a nice warm hug. hey, girl is calling us to embrace self-love fully and unapologetically (pun intended). Brainchild of Alexandra Elle, her chats about sisterhood and self-care are exactly what is needed right now. 


A reminder that personal style isn't static, and that if it makes you happy go for it. Tips on finding yours here

"It’s election season and Mary Rose Brown is awfully busy for a 92-year-old. The widowed former teacher spends her days writing postcards encouraging voters to head to the polls on Election Day." Inspiration personified. 


He allowed for ambivalence. You could be a little cranky or irritable or grouchy and that didn’t mean you were a bad person.” Caroll Spinney’s Oscar the Grouch reminds us, and our children, that feelings are, well, feelings. The puppeteer announced his retirement last week after over 40 years of entertainment. 

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