On Our Radar: What To Watch And Listen To This Month

With so many great shows premiering or coming back this March, we've created a list of some of our favorite series, podcasts and films to last you through the end of winter.
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There are so many wonderful shows, films and podcasts at our fingertips at any given moment that it can often feel overwhelming choosing just one to watch or listen. And with the return of many popular shows like The OA and highly anticipated premieres kicking off this month, sorting through the lineup becomes even more daunting. 

So we've created a list of some of our favorite shows and podcasts we're watching on movie nights in, during a long train commute or when we're simply bopping around the house.


Midnight Lightning with Laura Veirs

Music lovers will love this podcast hosted by Laura Veirs as she sits down each week to have a discussion with a different musician on the subject of parenting style and balancing the challenges of maintaining a career in music while also raising a family. Interspersed with musical snippets of the artist's work, Laura and her guests bridge art and conversation in this incredibly easy-to-listen podcast. For a great introduction, try the episode with session musician Carol Kaye and her experience working in the studio for famous artists (like Sonny and Cher and the Beach Boys) while also being a single mother of three. 



Inspired by the bestselling book “Shrill” from New York Times and The Guardian writer and activist, Lindy West, this highly anticipated series premieres March 15th on Hulu. With the classic, feminist wit of the beloved writer and the warm comedic presence Aidy Bryant has brought to shows like Saturday Night Live and Broad City, this creative pairing is more than equipped to take on issues about body positivity, family dynamics and navigating a new career as a young woman. 



Since becoming the second woman appointed to the US Supreme Court in 1993, Ruth Bader Ginsberg has become a feminist symbol for her court room resilience and delightful wit. This documentary, currently on Hulu, examines some of the legal battles that helped change women's rights forever and drive some of the court room decisions and legal protections we live with today. And the in-depth look the documentary provides makes Ruth Bader Ginsberg even more likable — if that's even possible. 

Image Source: NPR

Image Source: NPR

Death, Sex & Money with Anna Sale

From WNYStudios, Death, Sex & Money host Anna Sales takes on the difficult aspects of life we often don't want to discuss. Every episode is honest and reaches a level of intimacy that makes this podcast a great listen while cooking or cleaning up the house. To get a sense of this podcast's depth and range, listen to "When a Banker was Called to the Convent" in which Anna interviews a woman about her sudden obsession to leave her career and become a nun. Conversely, "Lets Talk About Porn Again" was recently re-released and touted as one of their most popular episodes ever. Enjoy these, and countless other conversations that take on difficult subjects in a refreshingly open way. 

Image Source: Vulture

Image Source: Vulture

Cold War

A stunning work by Polish director, Paweł Pawlikowski, starring Joanna Kulig and Thomasz Kot, this dark film examines the cultural aftermath of a nation recovering from the ravages of war. Set in post WWII Poland, the film's protagonists, Wiktor and Zula, seek to escape the cultural constraints of war propaganda through their musical partnership and whirlwind romance. The movie explores issues regarding national identity and feels timely, despite taking place during WWII. Cold War is still playing in theaters around the country and will be coming to Amazon Prime on March 22nd. 

Image Source: Apple iTunes

Image Source: Apple iTunes

Second Life with Hillary Kerr

From the creators of My Domaine, host Hilary Kerr interviews a different woman leading her industry each week to discover the story behind her successful second career. With countless pivots, and belly laughs, learning about the interesting and often unconventional career trajectories of some of our favorite CEOs and public figures is what makes Second Life such an easy listen. If you need a good jumping off point, try the interview with pastry chef and Milkbar founder Christina Tosi, or interior designer Emily Henderson.  

Image Source: What's on Netflix

Image Source: What's on Netflix

The OA

With nearly two years between the release of their first and second seasons, sci-fi fans can't wait for the return of this Netflix series on March 22nd. Season 2 of The OA is guaranteed to bring more elements of mystery and sci-fi as OA explores a new dimension and ends up meeting a detective on the path to find a missing teen. New characters are sure to crop up in this season as well as a litany of plot twists and moments of suspense. 



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