On Our Radar: Streaming Edition

October brings the release of some highly anticipated new series, and the return of a few favorites.
Sharon Van Etten and Norah Jones in Departure

Sharon Van Etten and Norah Jones in Departure

With a rash of smart, captivating television shows on our radar, we thought we'd share a few favorites, new and old. We'd love to know: What's on your must-watch list this season?


Peaky Blinders, Season 5: October 4th on Netflix
It debuted in 2013, but this 1920s period drama follows one family's shady business dealings and the chaos that ensues. 


Schitt's Creek, Season 5: October 10th on Netflix 
If you've yet to watch Schitt's Creek , there's no time like the present to fall in love with the Roses. You can easily get caught up on this bingeable series just in time for the premiere of season 5. Consider this your comic (+ much more) relief from the current state of affairs. 


Modern Love, Season 1: October 18th on Amazon 
The highly anticipated series release based on the beloved romance essays from The New York Times has a star-studded cast, led by Tina Fey and Anne Hathaway. Let's be honest: we'd watch this one based on our affection for the column alone. No pun intended.  


Castle Rock, Season 2: October 23rd on Hulu 
We were sucked into the original season based in the town of Castle Rock, a portal of sorts to the various characters and storylines featured throughout Stephen King novels. An anthology, season 2 will brings an entirely new tale and cast just in time for Halloween. 

Honorable Mention: Sharon Van Etten's Departure is worth every second and left us wanting a full documentary (versus the "mini" version that was created) from an artist we have loved and followed for years.  

Organ dir. Kei Fujiwara (1996) 

Organ dir. Kei Fujiwara (1996) 

And while we're at it, is FFFest (Female Filmmaker Fest) on your radar? It's a screening and talk series celebrating the achievements of women in cinema. This year it's hosted by Quad Cinema in NYC on October 25-27, and the offerings look incredible. 



Books, Books & More Books

“Because I’m of the old-fashioned conviction that reading is a pleasure to be carefully guarded at all times.” - Jenny Colgan, The Bookshop on the Corner

Fanny Singer and Alice Waters by Brigitte Lacombe

A Conversation With Fanny Singer About Her Mother-Daughter Memoir, Always Home

"It wasn’t that I woke up one morning and thought this is the book I needed to write, but then it was the only book I could write. I very quickly understood there was no way for me—as Alice Waters’s daughter—to exist in the public eye without acknowledging and writing that. Rather than feel encumbered by it, how can I talk about all the wonders of this relationship?"