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What we are reading, eating, listening to, and watching right now...just to name a few.
Illustration: Lauren Tamaki

Illustration: Lauren Tamaki

To inspire & listen: NPR correspondent Nina Totenberg is a journalistic legend, winning countless awards for her groundbreaking legal reporting. (She broke the story of the Anita Hill allegations against Clarence Thomas.) Here's how she gets it done every day, and listen to her take on the current political landscape on the Words Matter podcast


To process: Good, practical advice from someone who's been there: On how to be laid off. "The guilt of not doing 'enough' never truly goes away, but accepting it and telling it that it doesn’t need to define your laid-off self helps." 

Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images via NPR

Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images via NPR

To take a stand: Here's where the majority stands on abortion rights in the US right now, with a great deal of complexity and some contradiction. And this guide will help decipher the latest legality. 


To try: Our founder and executive editor recently brought this Lanima mask on a weekend getaway with friends and it was a huge hit among all five women. "Not your average clay mask," Amanda admitted. And as a self-proclaimed skin care junkie, we'll take her word for it. 


To do: Are you a goal-oriented or leisurely reader? Here's the case for, and against, adult reading challenges. Whichever camp you fall into, our favorite way to unwind is with a good book. This, this, and this are on our nightstands right now.  

Illustration via The Lily 

Illustration via The Lily 

To remind: For this month and always: "I don’t want our Pride celebrations to be reduced to posts in matching T-shirts with clever hashtags. I want Pride to be a time to come together with people and families that look like ours — and people and families that don’t."


To consider: Have you heard of the FIRE movement? These women are adopting the lifestyle on their terms, carving out their own niche in the frugal-living movement — and, along the way, helping others realize the benefits. 


To buy: Doen, one of our favorite brands, is offering a limited-time discount on past season apparel and donating a portion of the proceeds to Planned Parenthood. 

To watch: For those beyond Seattle, you can watch the profound and enlightening conversation we presented with KUOW last week featuring Jodie Patterson, author and activist. It was a discussion we won't soon forget. 

Image credit: New York Times Parenting 

Image credit: New York Times Parenting 

To laugh: To honor Father's Day, here's one dad "making the case for the virtue of our much-mocked brand of humor" present in dad jokes



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A Day In The Life Of Local Politician Kirsten Harris-Talley

"I will say at the intersection of being a woman and black, the amount of expectation and exceptionalism—we should not be burning ourselves out. Folks expect that, but we can reject that—we can say no and take care of ourselves better. I am still working on this, in a collective in activism, you don’t have to hold everything. We have been trying to build that in the campaign."


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