On Our Radar: What We Are Reading, Listening & Watching This Holiday Weekend

What we've bookmarked—and plan on reading, listening, watching over the long weekend.
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The artist and author Leanne Shapton has been transforming her old clothing, and clothing from friends and neighbors, into bright, deeply textured rugs.Credit...Karsten Moran for The New York Times.

The artist and author Leanne Shapton has been transforming her old clothing, and clothing from friends and neighbors, into bright, deeply textured rugs.Credit...Karsten Moran for The New York Times.

Labor Day's surprisingly radical origins: the holiday was born amid violence and unrest over oppressive working conditions. (National Geographic)

Vanity Fair's The Great Fire, guest edited by Ta-Nehisi Coates, is powerful and worthy of exploring every article. Especially this interview with Breonna Taylor's mother, this essay on grief in the time of covid, and Ava DuVernay's interview with Angela Davis on her lifetime of working for social justice. 

"We have become anthropologists in our own closets, finding comfort, security, relief, meaning and, on occasion, answers. Clothes are so often about that odd intersection between our fantasies and our insecurities: who we want to be publicly." (The New York Times)

Have you seen Ditto Kids Magazine? It's a print publication that empowers parents and educators to help the children in their lives on their journey to becoming actively anti-racist. Sign us up. Kickstarter here.

Our new favorite podcast by the most incomparable of them all. 

"Vote the change you want to see in the world."

Did you read Educated? Tara Westover's writes a gripping memoir about her struggles to free herself from the constraints of her family in her pursuit of education. On September 16th at 5pm EST, the author will be discussing her book and journey in a virtual event. We'll be watching. 

Because new music video with two of our favorite female artists is always worth sharing: check out Deep Sea Diver's latest, "Impossible Weight", featuring Sharon Van Etten below! 



A Cannabis Gift Guide from Humble Bloom Co-Founder, Solonje Burnett

Consider this your expertly curated gift guide for all the cannabis lovers in your life.


Thoughts On Resilience & Bravery From Seven Fold Women

As we head into a season of gratitude, we thought we'd also highlight what it means to be resilient and brave right now—and perhaps that alone is what we are grateful for right now.


The Great PNW Women-Owned Gift Guide: Volume 1

We found a little something for everyone on your list! And all from women owned and operated shops that offer thoughtful, beautiful wares.

SBSG Heart of Neighborhoods

A Small Business Support Guide

Because small acts have BIG impact


Comfort Food To The Rescue: Julia Gartland's Creamy Miso Kabocha Soup With Tumeric, Lemongrass & Crispy Lentils

While a big hug from our nearest and dearest may be a while off, consider this stay-home stay-safe soup a warm embrace directly from our kitchen to yours.


Deep Breaths and A Healing Giveaway For Your Post-Election Stress

We know, it's been a long week (errr, year). Let us offset some of the 2020 stress with a healing giveaway!


November 2020 Tarotscopes

Dear Scorpio: You may feel a little antsy this month. You have tasks, plans, ideas, and missions - but every time you get ready to set off, you also realize you need one more thing. The universe is trying to tell you that the time for action is close, but it's not quite here. Instead of cursing the constant glitches, pay attention to the message


A Day In The Life Of Local Politician Kirsten Harris-Talley

"I will say at the intersection of being a woman and black, the amount of expectation and exceptionalism—we should not be burning ourselves out. Folks expect that, but we can reject that—we can say no and take care of ourselves better. I am still working on this, in a collective in activism, you don’t have to hold everything. We have been trying to build that in the campaign."