The Good Stuff

Every Monday we'll be sharing the good stuff with you.

We need some good right now — thoughts, ideas, actions and (actual) goods. Here are a few on our radar:

Image credit: The New York Times

Image credit: The New York Times

A Good Listen

"Roll up your sleeves, girl." Margaret Atwood chats about hard times, pansies and how to get it done with resident favorite Cheryl Strayed. (Her new podcast Sugar Calling is worth every audio word!)

A Good View

In case you need a dose of the outside natural world, here's 16 beautiful movies that sweep the globe.

Good Choices

If you need a few Amazon-alternatives that will cover all your shopping-from-home needs, check here. (Bonus: They are all sustainable and ethical marketplaces!)

A Good Book

Ann Patchett (did you read her latest, The Dutch House? Do it.) on why we need life-changing books right now. "This beautiful world had been available to me all along but I had never bothered to pick up the keys to the kingdom."

A Good Follow

We went down the David Byrne rabbit hole after his incredible performance on Saturday Night Live, which is where we discovered Reasons to be Cheerful. An online non-profit editorial project "that is tonic for tumultuous times", and we are not ones to ever turn down a good tonic.  

A Good Album

We dove headfirst into Fiona Apple's new album, "Fetch the Bolt Cutters" and while we don't consider ourselves critics in the least, we cannot help but agree with The New York Times in stating that it is a "is a bold, cathartic, challenging masterpiece." 

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August 2020 Tarotscopes

Dear Leo: This month, look oh so deeply within. Look unafraid upon the truths that are revealed in this world of night and shadow. Pull off the mask of human perception and dive into the truth and beauty of your multifaceted, sacred soul - and do not turn away from what is before you.


July 2020 Tarotscopes

Dear Cancer: This month, it is vital that you don't forget a very important fact: You wanted to be where you are.