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Evelyn's Legs by Deb Achak 

Evelyn's Legs by Deb Achak 

We need some good right now — thoughts, ideas, actions and (actual) goods. Here are a few on our radar:

A Good (Heartbreaking) Question

Read this in the (paper Sunday edition!) Times over the weekend, making me think about career and craft survival, and...well, everything: My Restaurant Was My Life For 20 Years. Does The World Need It Anymore?

A Good View

Try a virtual train ride (13 to choose from, from around the world!) to calm the mind and for a change scenery. 

A Good Leader

"Her leadership style is one of empathy in a crisis that tempts people to fend for themselves. Her messages are clear, consistent, and somehow simultaneously sobering and soothing. And her approach isn’t just resonating with her people on an emotional level. It is also working remarkably well." (The Atlantic)

A Good Read

"And Tori Amos knows about resilience. It’s a theme of her new book, Resistance: A Songwriter’s Story of Hope, Change, and Courage...It is in part an extensive critique of patriarchal power built on personal experience, the many stories she’s heard from her fans over the years, and her impressive command of geopolitics." (Lit Hub)

A Good Print

Two prints from photographer, mother and friend of The Fold, Deb Achak,  (you can see Evelyn's Legs featured above) are being offered at a special size and price "in acknowledgment of all of the moms of quarantine doing double duty."

A Good Gift

Give greens to mom—or anyone who needs a pick-me-up—this year. May suggest the humble plant, grown and ready to go? Try one of these for healthy, deliver-to-your-door beauty: Bloomscape, The Sill, or call your local nursery!


peace flag

On Healing & Hope: "Imagine What We Can Do Next"

"As a parent yearning for a more equitable future for her children, as a human yearning for the earth to survive more lifetimes, I hope we can remind ourselves that the work does not end here."


Narrative Intelligence: Mapping + Meaning, A Free Virtual Event with Laura Sullivan Cassidy in Conversation with The Fold's Founder, Amanda Carter Gomes

A conversation about our personal plotlines and how we can write and direct them—even in this time of trauma, grief, and uncertainty.


The Fold's Best Of 2020 (And That's A Wrap On This Year)

It's been a year, hasn't it? As we usher in the next year (couldn't come soon enough) here are a few of the conversations with women we loved—actually, can we say we loved every article we published in 2020? Yes, but these will be definite re-reads in 2021.


My Favorite Reads Of 2020 (Give Me All The Books!)

Oh, you need a holiday read? Might I suggest one of these? From historical fiction, to self-help, and even an amazing children's book sprinkled in for good measure, here are my favorites from 2020.


The Great PNW Women-Owned Gift Guide: Volume 2

The second installment of gift inspiration exclusively from women-owned shops and makers in the PNW!


Single Women & Their Spaces: Solonje Burnett's Beautiful Brooklyn Abode

"With the pandemic, the pause allowed for proper self-assessment and recalibration. I discovered that we truly need to both commit to radical self care and slowdown to speed up."


A Culinary Gift Guide Supporting Female-Owned Small Businesses

For this gift guide, we’re highlighting female-owned food & beverage businesses that we love, and are eager to support this holiday season.