The Literary Edit: Our Most Anticipated Fall Releases

Our fall book list is as bountiful as the harvest season itself, enjoy these 10 new releases we can't wait to read.

Fall is here! As an adult, September still feels like back to school time, that time to stock up books, sharpen the pencils, yet luckily this time around, the books are novels and . . . come fall, all the best are released. Here are a few in case you too are in the back-to-school spirit. 

The Shape of the Ruins by Juan Gabriel Vasquez

A brilliant novel and soon to be hailed masterpiece by Juan Gabriel Vasquez, one of Latin America’s greatest living novelists. The Shape of the Ruins is a novel wrapped in conspiracy, political obsession, and literary intrigue. When a man is arrested at a museum for attempting to steal the bullet-ridden suit of a murdered Colombian politician, few noticed. But soon, this theft takes on considerable meaning, ever more relevant today.

She Would Be King by Wayétu Moore

Wayétu Moore’s powerful debut novel, She Would Be King, reimagines the dramatic story of Liberia’s formation through three unforgettable characters who share an uncommon bond. This novel will be the talk of the fall as Moore is a dazzling storyteller.

Waiting for Eden by Elliot Ackerman

A spare and thoughtful novel that fluidly crosses the boundaries of self-perception as we question closely held truths. Eden Malcom lies in a hospital bed, unable to move or to speak, imprisoned in his own mind. Father to a daughter he has never met, Eden’s wife Mary spends every day on the sofa in his hospital room. On Christmas, the one day Mary is not at his bedside, Eden’s re-ordered consciousness comes flickering alive. As he begins to find a way to communicate, some troubling truths about his marriage—and about his life before he went to war—come to the surface.

Transcription by Kate Atkinson

Kate Atkinson is one of my favorite authors, and her latest novel, Transcription, is the perfect book to curl up with fireside, this time as she tells the story of eighteen-year-old Juliet Armstrong and her journey as a spy in the 1940s.

Melmoth by Sarah Perry

At once epic and intimate, Melmoth is a neo-Gothic masterpiece with echoes of Mary Shelley. With a sense of anxious foreboding, Perry weaves a tale that is dark and complex, with layers of redemption and hope within the wickedness. A brilliant page-turner.

Whiskey When We’re Dry by John Larison

A stunning debut novel, with the touch points of the western genre, Larison plays with common themes to create a story so wholly its own. Prepare yourself, I read this book in a few days, and the narrative lingered far longer, with a protagonist that shows unflinching strength and vulnerability. A powerful story and beautiful prose, this novel will be on every best list of 2018.

The Incendiaries by R.O. Kwon

A slim raw and beautiful gem, that details obsession and possession in all its forms. Kwon’s prose is sharp, spare and utterly perfect, so refreshing when many stories often feel 100 pages too long.

Vox by Christina Dalcher

A terrifying debut perfect for fans of The Handmaid’s Tale. In this future world, women have lost all of their rights and are limited to 100 words per day, a narrative that reminds us today, as women and as a community, that our words are priceless.

French Exit by Patrick deWitt

A quirky and fun novel of family dysfunction, grab this as your light read! With a lovely glass of red and a few hours, deWitt’s novel is frothy, dark, delightful, and totally weird– as all the best things are!

His Favorites by Kate Walbert

Another slim, yet powerful novel, that will grab you and not let go. In her latest novel, Kate Walbert astutely portrays the vulnerabilities of young women as she tells the story of a teenage girl who, haunted by tragedy and guilt, falls prey to a predatory teacher at her exclusive Massachusetts boarding school. Timely and written so well, this is a novel to read and share.



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