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The (Web) Edit

The articles on our weekend reading list that made us pause and consider what is happening in our world.
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Illustration via The Atlantic 

Illustration via The Atlantic 

How to spend your privilege: “White privilege is a status afforded by a system designed by white people, with white people in mind. Like it or not, we are all born into that system.” (The Cut)

Moms running for office: “Moms are not only seeking political seats, but seeking them explicitly, and proudly, as moms; in this year’s election cycle, motherhood has become an asset to be flaunted in progressive campaigns, resolving a decades-old tension for women seeking to enter electoral politics.” (The Atlantic)

They didn’t have children and, most said, they didn’t regret it: “Many celebrated their decision. Some wondered what might have been. Others said they had moved from feeling heartbroken to feeling grateful.” (The New York Times)

Creating space for women of color: Founder of Zora’s House LC Johnson explains, “It’s a safe space where women can bring all of their messy, vulnerable, authentic truths AND be rooting in their identity as black and brown and Indigenous women.” (Design Sponge)

Three children, two abortions: “Five pregnancies, three live births. But these numbers do not tell the whole story, either about my health or about the gap between births Nos. 2 and 3.” (The Atlantic)

I’m a dad and a feminist. But when it came time to speak up, I choked: “There’s a problem with gender in our workplaces. The daily rhetoric of off-handed sexism has to stop. I’m telling you this because I have two daughters who will grow up to change the world, and I owe it to them to do my part.” (The Washington Post)