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Jen Patterson

Jen is an organic creative thinker who also speaks structure. In both
coaching and strategy she is skilled at getting to the heart of the matter – finding that that aha on which everything else turns. She likes to ask a pointed
question. She’s been known to take over a whiteboard.

Jen started her career developing brand and business strategies. Now 20 years later, she’s applied that strategic lens to people through executive coaching and group workshops. Jen works with both teams and individuals. She is an advocate for inclusion, women and leadership and creative thinking. Ultimately, she’s looking to help people to live and work less in their limitations, more in their aspirations.

In prior iterations, Jen has been Chief Strategy Officer at Wunderman Seattle, EVP Head of Planning at Deutsch LA and la comunidad/the community in Miami. She’s lived abroad several times and worked on global business in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Jen is writing a book about how to bring empathetic and creative energy to competitive work environments. She is looking to help the world to operate more on conversation, less on PowerPoint. She is an advocate for open adoption. She serves as a board trustee for Make A Wish Alaska+Washington. Jen speaks Spanish and French, and is learning how to sing.