A Subterranean Understanding of Your Numbers

"Instead of a financial plan, you are shifting numbers at their source, their anchoring point, their subterranean levels to create lasting change."
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Original artwork by Rosie Bowker

Original artwork by Rosie Bowker

I can feel it.

The person, couple, or organization I’m working with begins discussing their financial picture. The numbers—smattered with fragments of their stories—flow off their tongues with an unexpected ease; word by word, sentence by sentence:

  • “This checking account is for this.”
  • “This savings account was supposed to be for this, but then we transferred it. Now it’s kind of used this way.”
  • “Oh yes. That account. Well, there’s a lot of back story in those numbers.”
  • “We got funding for this phase, but the see fund is almost gone. We’ll need to pursue more capital if we want to expand.”

Through my awareness and intuition, I help clients work through the “stuck” places, the calcified realities, and…the opportunities for change. Sometimes I feel more like a massage therapist than a consultant; using my thumbs to push the twitching financial muscles to move toxins through the system.

To an unaware bystander, our conversation isn’t earth shattering or outside the range of normal. In fact, our practical, tactical financial discussion sounds generic and commonplace. After all, we are talking about the numbers.

Or, are we?

The numbers, on the surface, are just digits on a page. But, deep below the terrain, there are bubbles and ripples. Every consultation reveals a deeper picture of harm, trauma, agreements, and accomplishments. The numbers on the page always contain a deeper layer.

And then, with my next question, the tone of the conversation changes: “Any debt?”

“Oh, yes, ahhhh, well. I feel so much shame around this.”

Shame marches in and fills up any and every available space; the conversation suddenly feels cramped and closed off. The colors fade to black and white.

I have come to expect this reaction, and yet, each time, I respond through teary eyes and say, “I understand”.

I feel the energetic weight and helplessness as I continue to dig into the earthy nuggets of financial awareness. I persist with these subterranean-level questions:

  • Are there any energetic or generational connections to any of these numbers?
  • Do any of these numbers represent trauma or hard, painful memories?
  • How is a signature of scarcity represented in your numbers?

For some people, there is a debt cycle that is linked to an unending feeling of worthlessness; money is not supposed to stick around, therefore, it never does. For others, debt may not be represented in the numbers, but scarcity is omnipresent. This financial picture manifests itself as a stressed, overextended life, or a frugal, tight-fisted existence.

  • Do you have positive feelings surrounding any of these numbers?
  • Have you ever felt satiation with your numbers?

These subterranean questions access the earthy levels where numbers are anchored, igniting new connections and updated consciousness. My clients use them to unearth the truths about their financial choices, and you can easily apply them to your numbers as well.

A Subterranean Exercise:

List the balances attached to your savings, checking, debt, cash inflow, and cash outflow.

Next to the list of numbers, begin to answer the questions above. Write out everything that comes into your sphere of awareness. Remember, you are pulling deep, often unconscious meaning into your financial picture. This subterranean understanding can now be blended with financial movement. And, when that happens, powerful shifts occur: 

  • You close or transfer a savings account because it energetically connects to your divorce.
  • You increase meals and entertainment for your staff because you believe in shifting the culture with holistic nourishment.
  • You pay off a certain amount of debt because it represents the medical costs related to the death of your loved one.
  • You begin funding the business savings account because you believe extra is the new reality.
  • You leave a job because you are giving away all your life currencies (time, money, energy, and space).
  • You identify the emotionally charged layers of your money picture. And, you launch a focused effort to eliminate those numbers one at a time.

By observing and acknowledging the energetic attachments, agreements, and representations that allow you to create a new energetic money picture, you can begin to make financial shifts from the ground up. Instead of a financial plan, you are shifting numbers at their source, their anchoring point, their subterranean levels to create lasting change.

Go deep (and deeper still) with your numbers and watch what happens when more than just the digits shift!



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