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Single Women & Their Spaces: A Before and After Vacation Rental in Yucca Valley

"We both knew we wanted a different kind of independence for our futures. Hailing from Ireland and Minnesota and living in LA - purchasing property here is out of our reach. We share the love of creation and also the love of a different kind of financial freedom."


Single Women & Their Spaces: Freelance Creative Vanessa Labi's Northern California Home

"There’s such a joy and peace to having your own space. It’s really special when fostering creative pursuits, and I think that’s why I’ve hung onto it."


The Great PNW Women-Owned Gift Guide: Volume 2

The second installment of gift inspiration exclusively from women-owned shops and makers in the PNW!


Single Women & Their Spaces: Solonje Burnett's Beautiful Brooklyn Abode

"With the pandemic, the pause allowed for proper self-assessment and recalibration. I discovered that we truly need to both commit to radical self care and slowdown to speed up."


The Great PNW Women-Owned Gift Guide: Volume 1

We found a little something for everyone on your list! And all from women owned and operated shops that offer thoughtful, beautiful wares.


8 Women-Owned Vintage & Consignment Shops To Scratch Your Fall Fashion Itch

A little nostalgia might serve us well right now, so we sourced a few of our favorite spots to shop for vintage and consignment goods. Sustainable and chic—no better combo in our book!


Single Women and Their Spaces: Jen Patterson's Art-Filled Midcentury Home

"I always want to be in ease and flow and meaning so I am constantly weeding out what's no longer necessary and rearranging to bring forward something that is calling."


"Late Bloomers": A New Series On Honoring Your Stride

"I see creating a different kind of fashion business—one that treats its employees and collaborators respectfully and equally, treads lightly on our shared planet, honors women’s intelligence, and builds a story of personal empowerment to create a truer, beautiful, more just life."


Single Women and Their Spaces: Becky Etchberger's Brooklyn Apartment

Take a tour of Becky Etchberger's beautiful and light-filled Williamsburg apartment.

IMG_7192 copy

Single Women & Their Spaces: Robin Reetz's Brooklyn Apartment

"I like to remind myself that in our behavior, actions, and the way we treat others, we are constantly telling people who we are and what we want. That sentiment extends to what we wear and how our homes look...I've worked hard to clear my own mental and emotional clutter, and I like to think my space now represents that same thing."


Meet MINNA Founder and Shop Owner, Sara Berks

"Businesses can be used to do such horrible things and I’m trying to use business to be good. I really think it’s possible. We’re always trying to see if there’s a different or better way to do everything we do."


6 Rugs Inspired By Single Women & Their Spaces

A good rug can enhance your space like a piece of great art, and today we share 6 designs inspired by our own Single Women and Their Spaces tours, found at our latest online home decor destination.


8 Winter Coats We're Coveting

Technically it's still fall, but whether you are enjoying just a slight cool down or full-on winter weather right now, here are a few chic and functional coats to see you through the season.


Single Women And Their Spaces: Rachel Fleit's Brooklyn Apartment

"I am in the midst of one of the most fulfilling moments in my entire life. I have crystal clear clarity of what I am supposed to do in my life right now and I am doing it...I had no idea my life would look like this at 38. It’s rad all around."


Reflections On Aging From 18 Remarkable Women

We're a publication written by and for women of an uncertain age and particular attitude—and these incredible women embody all that we stand for, especially their thoughts on the nuances of aging.


7 Fall Style Wardrobe Staples

Something old, something new, something consigned = lots of great pieces for your fall wardrobe.

2019-03-11 15.31.16 copy kiko @ 2000

Meet Kiko Eisner-Waters, Founder of CURA Collective

Take a tour of Seattle's latest boutique gem, CURA, and meet Kiko Eisner-Waters, the woman behind the shop that's changing how we view the "lifestyle" industry.


Single Women And Their Spaces: Kim Chin's "Grounding" Seattle Home

"These voices warm my home with stories of where I've traveled to, who I have shared time with, and how far I have come on my journey. It's a great reminder of impermanence, gratitude, and solidarity."


On Our Radar: Summer Style (Sale) Edition

Summer dresses, sandals, slip ons and more!

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Single Women And Their Spaces: The Portugal Apartment Of Chelsea Fuss

Chelsea Fuss is a European transplant who learned, as she tells us, "to embrace a messy but beautiful life, and that can be applied to everything, even to home."


Meet Crystal and Bonnie Flynt, Founders of Bon Boutique in Tucson

Take a tour of this mother and daughter owned boutique in Tucson. The creative duo pulls inspiration everywhere: from Europe to nature and favorite childhood books, curated for those who are "curious and original."


Single Women and Their Spaces: Before and After - Casey Keasler's Bathroom Renovation

Casey Keasler of Casework Interior Design takes on a home renovation of her own and offers professional tricks, tips and advice to solo dwellers interested in remodeling their space.

Rebecca Minkoff Headshot_Photography by Paul Maffi

A Conversation With Rebecca Minkoff

We talked to American fashion mogul and popular designer, Rebecca Minkoff, about being a founder, the success of her brand and what's next in the world of women's fashion.