Gifting Go-To's From Our Favorite Shop Owners

Still not sure what to get that special someone? Take a few tips from the pros.
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Image Credit: Moorea Seal

Image Credit: Moorea Seal

We're officially entering crunch time when it comes to finishing our holiday shopping...and as usual, we still have handfuls of presents to hunt down. So, we decided to turn to the experts for help. Below, you'll find gifting suggestions and inspirations from a few of the creative, stylish and savvy boutique founders we've highlighted on our site this year. We asked them to tell us what they're wishing for and what they're wrapping up for others, plus their favorite gifts that are completely and totally cost-free.


1. Sydney Pfaff of Legion


Q: What's on your personal wishlist this year?
A: The Davis Throw by Kevin Umaña in collaboration with Slowdown Studio. It's such a cool design, and I'm a big fan of Kevin's work.


Q: What's your go-to gift for others (from your shop or otherwise)? 
A: Studio Arhoj Ceramic Ghosts. They're the cutest little dudes and make a perfect gift for anyone and everyone!

Q: What's your favorite "gift" (to give or receive) that's 100% free?
A: A compliment! Nothing is better than making someone feel a little bit better about themselves.


2. Moorea Seal of Moorea Seal


Q: What's on your personal wishlist this year? 
A: I’m on the hunt for a warm and chic coat and I think I found it with this coat from Aritzia.


Q: What's your go-to gift for others (from your shop or otherwise)?
A: It’s been a rough year in the US, as we all know by now. Any little dose of happiness I can bring into the world and into my friends lives feels vital. My second book, 52 Lists for Happiness, is a really special and fun way of gifting a little happiness. Also, it’s the only season you can find Pumpkin Spice Candles by PF Candle Co in our store, so I always try and grab a few for my friends during the holidays. For coffee lovers, a beautiful handmade mug (like the Sun Stripes Mug by Clay Factor or the O’Keeffe Mug by Two Hands Full is always a great option! And for the badass babes in my life, I feel like I could gift anything from Rock Salt Vintage. All of their jewelry is stunning and so easy to wear while being effortlessly cool.

Q: What's your favorite "gift" (to give or receive) that's 100% free? 
A: As you get older, it seems as though everyone has less and less free time. So really, all I want for the holidays is just a bit of spontaneous time with the ones I love :)


3. Jane Hedreen of Flora and Henri


Q: What's on your personal wishlist this year? 
A: The Kismet Snake Necklace (I've been lusting over this piece for months!) and our Flora and Henri Chevron Parka.


Q: What's your go-to gift for others (from your shop or otherwise)?
A: Kusmi Tea. All the flavors are amazing, and the boxes could not be more beautiful. And for those very special people, I love the Cire Trudon La Promeneuse Diffuser.

Q: What's your favorite "gift" (to give or receive) that's 100% free? 
A: TIME. And being truly present.


4. Jillian Punska of Seven Sisters


Q: What's your go-to gift for others (from your shop or otherwise)?
A: I've been dreaming about a trip to an Air somewhere in the woods nearby, preferably with a hot tub someplace snowy and a picnic of all my favorite local treats like a bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir and some truffles from Missionary Chocolates. I would definitely want to be wearing my LVDJ Boucle Pants, Organic Socks, and Chilote House Shoes to stay super cozy!


Q: What's your go-to gift for others (from your shop or otherwise)?
A: I find myself gifting the "SISTERS" sweatshirt from our shop quite often. It feels like the perfect way to say thank you, I love you, I see you, or you're as important to me as family. Another really popular gift this year has been all of the tortoise shell jewelry from Machete. It's made with a plant based material instead of the traditional acrylic and is made in Italy. It's really wearable and has been super popular.

Q: What's your favorite "gift" (to give or receive) that's 100% free? 
A: Time with my loved ones and/or time alone with no plans and nothing on anyone's to-do list. 


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