Single Women & Their Spaces: Robin Reetz's Brooklyn Apartment

"I've worked hard to clear my own mental and emotional clutter, and I like to think my space now represents that same thing."




This edition of Single Women & Their Spaces is coming to you with a twist. Not that the space is not equally as captivating, or the subject not equally as lovely and complex, but for this installment, all photos were captured by the inhabitant on her phone during quarantine. And it goes without saying that Robin Reetz has quite the eye, is a beautiful wordsmith and a now-known knack for photography.

Robin lives in Clinton Hill and is in charge of copy and editorial content for Club Monaco. Newly(ish) single, her apartment is a breath of fresh air with beautiful high ceilings, subtle paint colors and trim, all which serve as the neutral monochromatic backdrop for this interiors and sartorial minimalist. 

We spoke with Robin about her recent transition to living alone, life in the epicenter of the coronavirus and what has been most helpful to her emotionally right now. Not surprising, the calm found in her space also extends to her personal outlook. Read on for her wise insights, impeccable style and photos of her ridiculously adorable pup, Lola. 

IMG_2636 copy

Where do you live and how long have you been in this space

I live in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn and I've been here for just over four years. 


How would you describe your interior aesthetic?

My interior aesthetic is minimal and clean, but above all else I like to think of it as warm and airy. In a city like New York you're constantly fighting for space whenever you're in the public world, so it helps me tremendously for my home to feel as spacious as possible. It's the ultimate luxury here, so being able to walk around without stepping over or bumping into something feels like true freedom! It also helps my mental state to feel like I can spread out without knocking something over.

IMG_7412 copy

You somewhat recently transitioned to having a space of your own. How has your style evolved, if at all, since that shift?

I just got rid of a lot of things. My apartment is a small one bedroom that's right around 500 square feet. There wasn't much "stuff" to start with, but I've really embraced the idea of space and making it feel as clean, airy, warm, and open as possible!

IMG_2373 copy

Is there anything you particularly miss about co-habitating with a partner?

It's nice to have someone there to share your day with and have little jokes with, or share stories about neighbors and all of that. Ultimately though I do really love living alone and always have so I'm really enjoying that for right now.

IMG_2523 copy

Your sartorial perspective is beautiful, minimal and strong. Do you feel like this is an accurate description of who you are right now?

Thank you. Absolutely—I like to remind myself that in our behavior, actions, and the way we treat others, we are constantly telling people who we are and what we want. That sentiment extends to what we wear and how our homes look, and I think my home fits my aesthetic and outlook on life in general very well. I've worked hard to clear my own mental and emotional clutter, and I like to think my space now represents that same thing. 

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How has quarantine changed how you think about and live in your space?

Being in New York during quarantine and living in the epicenter of the pandemic has been difficult, as you might imagine. It's been hard not to have a yard or balcony but I'm lucky to have a roof I can access. My space has been super valuable during this time and I feel lucky that I'm still in a position where I'm healthy, happy, and am in a space where I can be in where I'm comfortable and feel at home. 

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What do you miss most about life as you knew it pre-pandemic? And has that changed what you value and how you will live once we have a new normal?

Daily socialization! I never realized how much I appreciated those little interactions we all have a million times a day—chatting with someone at the coffee shop, feeling the energy of the city, etc. I also really miss being outside, being at the gym, and being active. I love working out and going to the gym and it's been difficult not to have that as part of my weekly routine. Of course, travel—I miss that, like everyone. I just can't wait to be back out and see others and the world again and really hope to hold on to a sense of gratitude for everything we once so truly took for granted.

IMG_2494 copy

What are a few things that have been most helpful emotionally to you in the past 6 weeks? What are a few things you are looking forward to right now?

Allowing myself to check out and not be productive by watching mindless TV or playing Animal Crossing (!). It's great to read and work out and FaceTime and Zoom and journal, and while I've been doing that, I've also been allowing myself time to just nap or play games or do nothing. Listening to my needs and just doing what feels good in this incredibly special, unique, and quiet time comes first.

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What do you love most about having a space of your own?

Knowing that when you come home, everything will be exactly where you left it. Decorating however you want. Having everything smell however you want. Never having to compromise. Being loud or quiet or eating multiple bags of tortilla chips and getting the crumbs everywhere or cleaning out a cupboard at 1am and never having to talk to anyone about it. To me it's the ultimate freedom.

Robin Reetz

Robin Reetz



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