On Our Radar: The Politics Edit

The stories, news and editorials from the week that we feel compelled to share.

As always, use your power to VOTE! Make sure you are registered to vote and chose how you are going to vote next month HERE.

"RBG spoke for all Americans. Now we must speak for her." Congrats to our friend, Rachel Fleit (see her ultra-cool Brooklyn abode here) on directing this incredible video!

The Teenage Girls Creating a New Future

"The opposite of voter addition—adding more and more people to the voting ranks—is not merely voter suppression. It is voter subtraction." Ibram X. Kendi (author of How To Be an Antiracist) on the threats to voting for this election. (The Atlantic)

What to make of Amy Coney Barrett's answers on Roe v. Wade so far, according to experts (The Lily)

How Trump and Biden's dueling town halls addressed women's concerns (Hint: There were minimal mentions of issues that disproportionately impact women, though Biden’s town hall saw the first question about LGBTQ+ rights) (The 19th)

End Our National Crisis: The Case Against Donald Trump "Nov. 3 can be a turning point. This is an election about the country’s future, and what path its citizens wish to choose." (The New York Times)

"If being the daughter of a polarizing mayor who became the president’s personal bulldog has taught me anything, it is that corruption starts with “yes-men” and women, the cronies who create an echo chamber of lies and subservience to maintain their proximity to power." Rudy Giuliani's daughter wants everyone to vote Biden-Harris. (Vanity Fair)

And in case you need a laugh after the news cycle this week, here's Kate McKinnon feeling all of our feels right now. 



Social Justice & Climate Action: A Conversation With Ashley Engle On Why You Cannot Separate The Two and How You Can Help Combat Them Both

"My advice to anyone wanting to stand up for Unci Maka (Grandmother Earth) and our future generations: Start where you are because the frontlines are truly everywhere!"


April 2021 Tarotscopes

Dear Aries: You thought you knew where you stood, who you were, and what made up your compass, but you somehow awoke to spinning ground beneath your feet and a spinning head to match.

Sandrine Duval, 'In the Mood', 2018

Street Photographer & Author Gulnara Samoilova On Empowering Women, Artistic Expression & The Power of Confident Work

"I want to create an inclusive community for women artists from around the globe who are pushing the boundaries of street photography in new and exciting directions. I’m interested in empowering women so that can tap into their creativity and feel confident about making work, whether they are professional or amateur photographers."


Money and The Art of Receiving

"In our modern world, the connection between wealth and feminine energy has been mostly forgotten."


Motif Founder Shanetta McDonald On Storytelling, Healing, & Connection

"By opening up about these unique experiences, women of color build esteem and lift the shame of hiding their true selves from the world. We’re able to be seen, and feel heard, and that is healing."

Where do we go from here Headshots

Where Do We Go From Here? Join The Fold For A Conversation About The Impact of COVID-19 on Women and Mothers In The Workplace

Join us for a free virtual event featuring Angela Garbes, The Fold's Nora Gomez-Strauss and hosted by Executive Editor, Amanda Carter Gomes.


March 2021 Tarotscopes

Dear Pisces: Striving towards your vision is very different than gazing wistfully upon someone else's. There are amazing gifts out there all around you, being offered freely and with great love, but if you don't bother to raise your head then you surely won't bother to see them.