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On Our Radar: Current Events Edition

The stories, news and happenings from the week that we felt compelled to share.
Photo credit: Greg Maguire

Photo credit: Greg Maguire

Wildfires are ravaging the West coast and our hometown (Seattle) currently has the second worst air quality in the world - following behind our sister city to the south, Portland. Here's how you can help. (CNN)

Honoring 9/11 in the midst of a global pandemic. (The New York Times

"While there are many political issues on the table that must not be ignored, we cannot forget about our need for rest and energy conservation. Effective political engagement goes hand-in-hand with emotional self-care." (The Good Trade)

The Consequences Of Your Decisions (Design Mom)

"Somewhere there’s a White woman with a picture of my seven-year-old son and his buddy in her cell phone. Neither I nor the parents of my son’s friend know her. We didn’t give her permission to take the photo nor did she ask. She simply spotted the boys as they sat catching their breaths after a rivalrous round of tag, walked up to them, and snapped their picture. This happened at the end of a Black Lives Matter walk." (Mother Mag)

What books are on on Jane Fonda's night stand? (The New York Times

And some good news: did you see we are giving away a dress of your choosing from Juliette Fabbri? You can enter up to 6 times! The winner will be chosen on Monday, September 14. 



October 2020 Tarotscopes

Dear Libra:You now understand that your prosperity has so often come from the radical changes you make. But this month, take a moment to be still beneath the bounty of your life without changing at all.