On Our Radar: The Politics Edit

The stories, news and editorials from the week that we felt compelled to share.
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(María Alconada Brooks) for The Lily 

(María Alconada Brooks) for The Lily 

As always, use your power to VOTE! Use this tool to verify if you are registered. If not, check out your state's online registration process and REGISTER HERE.

How To Vote 

The Election That Could Break America

"The experience of living in this Black and female body for 40 years has taught me to never be surprised by outcomes like this." (The Cut)

My Friend and Boss, Ruth Bader Ginsburg

“This is part of a larger pattern, and if we don’t interrupt the pattern, we’re going to be in this position again and again and again. The system that killed Breonna Taylor is not set up to provide justice or reparations for the killing of Breonna Taylor.” (The New York Times)

Please Talk To Your White Children About Breonna Taylor

“Personally, it’s like watching the decline of the Roman Empire.” //  ‘I Feel Sorry for Americans’: A Baffled World Watches the U.S.

Women worldwide are nearly 3 times more likely that men to report mental health impact from covid-19 (The Lily)

How to talk about race, social justice, and the media with kids (Mother Mag)

And see our advice and tangible actions you can take to continue RBG's legacy here.



Five Minutes Of Escapism For Your Day

This week might just be the longest of the year thus far—thankfully we've got a quick break for you in the form of online levity.


Your Purpose Is An Energy, Not A Job

"Finding true purpose is a tricky business. When Steve Jobs told us all, “Do what you love,” our impulse was to run outside, hands outstretched to the sky in freedom. But halfway to the door, most of us stopped and said, “Wait. What do I love?”


13 Days Until The Presidential Election. Here's What You Can Do

Political advocacy is crucial right now, and even if you have never participated before, there is a way to protect our democracy. Like Michelle Obama said, "When we all vote, we take our power back."

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On Our Radar: The Politics Edit

The stories, news and editorials from the week that we feel compelled to share.


What Are Your Dreams Trying To Tell You? We May Have The Answer

"If we can honor that our dreams are infused with wisdom and healing, and turn towards them with this perspective, it can help us to open to a tapestry of empowering insights and understanding."


8 Women-Owned Vintage & Consignment Shops To Scratch Your Fall Fashion Itch

A little nostalgia might serve us well right now, so we sourced a few of our favorite spots to shop for vintage and consignment goods. Sustainable and chic—no better combo in our book!


Activist Elena Hung Wants You To Know What's At Stake With Amy Coney Barrett's SCOTUS Nomination

"It is clear the fight to preserve protections for pre-existing conditions is on the ballot. The next Justice that goes on the Court will decide whether or not 135 million Americans—including my daughter—will still have protections despite pre-existing conditions."


Single Women and Their Spaces: Jen Patterson's Art-Filled Midcentury Home

"I always want to be in ease and flow and meaning so I am constantly weeding out what's no longer necessary and rearranging to bring forward something that is calling."