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In light of current events surrounding the Brett Kavanaugh hearing, we wanted to share a few of the articles that made us consider where we stand. (Which is to say, emphatically and staunchly behind Dr. Blasey. Her heroism astounds us.) How are you feeling this week? What do you think? We hope that all women who have endured similar, horrifying encounters know that they are seen, heard, believed and supported — and that, regardless of the judiciary outcome, we too are furious.

"Perhaps never before has the dislocating oddity of these political times — the commingling of the appalling and the awkward, the glib and the grave — announced itself so conspicuously, colliding in a hearing room far smaller than the moment."

"This is not a partisan moment, this is a moral moment in our nation. ... This toxic culture, this pernicious patriarchy in this country has to stop." 

"Men are lucky women are seeking equality and not revenge."

"The lesson of the United States in this moment is that misogyny and racism aren’t disqualifiers." 

Why Brett Kavanaugh wasn't believable, and Christine Blasy Ford was

"Being there was a burden she shouldn’t have had to bear, one that she nor any other woman deserves—to be grilled on national television about her own sexual assault, to participate in a deeply flawed system that is historically skewed against believing women and toward protecting the status quo of men in power."

"At stake now is some measure of the ancient twin legacies of misogyny and dominion, how they’ve shaped a political movement, and how far they can hold out against social retribution that’s been a long time in the making."

And, should you need it, the National Sexual Abuse Hotline is always available to you at 800-656-HOPE.