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This week we've rounded up a list of articles all focused on what on the abortion bans in Alabama and Missouri. The articles shared below offer details of what is involved, who is impacted and how you can help.

What Does it Really Mean To Be Six Weeks Pregnant? / (The New York Times)

"We're talking about 25 white men who just voted to make health and life decisions for women" / (ABC News)

"I’ve spent my life listening to Democrats call abortion a niche issue — and worse, one that is somehow repellent to voters, even though support for Roe is in fact among the most broadly popular positions of the Democratic Party; seven in ten Americans want abortion to remain legal, even in conservative states." / (The Cut)

Thousands of Women Have Shared Abortion Stories With #YouKnowMe. She Was First./ (The New York Times)

"We are simply saying that the expectation of silence is killing us, and telling the truth is much healthier, both for individuals and society at large." / (The Fold

"I’m joining feminist leaders from across the country in condemning these bills—because I know that they will directly harm women, girls, transgender and non-binary people, and particularly poor people and communities of color."/ (Ms. Magazine)

How to Help Women in States Banning Abortion / (GQ)



"Late Bloomers": A New Series On Honoring Your Stride

"I see creating a different kind of fashion business—one that treats its employees and collaborators respectfully and equally, treads lightly on our shared planet, honors women’s intelligence, and builds a story of personal empowerment to create a truer, beautiful, more just life."