Career Wisdom & Creative Tips From Six Fold Women

In all the stories we've told, we've amassed quite the collection of wisdom — especially pertaining to the intersection of womanhood and working. Here is a bit of advice to guide you on your journey.
Image credit: Belathee

Image credit: Belathee

Many women have graced us with their words of wisdom over the years, so we've compiled the career advice we find ourselves turning to time and time again. From running small businesses to finding opportunities in activism, we hope you find motivation in these anecdotes and stories. 

When females support other females—in business and in life—magic happens. “So, I thought, I have a mouth – I can change things and make them better. Hopefully, more examples of strong women will give girls more women to look up to and know I can be that, I can do that or I can have those rights or I can be equal. I think that was just important to me.” Read more from Rebecca Minkoff about starting the Female Founder Collective, and her work as an activist, feminist, and fashion powerhouse here.

Where to spend time and attention—especially when running a small business—can become it's own feat. And knowing when and where to pare back or forge ahead can be a challenge. "It has taken us some time to find our voice and to gain the confidence needed to shut out the noise and influence of the industry...It was incredibly empowering to transition into a place where I felt confident refusing to put anything out into the world that I didn’t fully believe in." Read more about Carly Burson, founder of Tribe Alive, and how fulfilling a need in eco-fashion and making ethical business decisions fuels her fire to incite change. 

Sometimes the best business decisions come out of recognizing a need and thus creating to fulfill the void. "I started with this idea of doing calm news, or news without a panic attack, and people just said to me that’s not going to get an audience, people don’t want that, so I started doing the Instagram almost to see for myself...I definitely did not anticipate this, and then it took on a life of its own." Jessica Yellin has challenged and changed the news media landscape by deciphering, and delivering, what is news, not noise. Read more here

Working with a team—a mother-daughter duo no less—means knowing when to lead and when to follow. “When one of us is very excited about something and the other is a bit hesitant, we both tend to lean toward the one who is hesitant. This is a rare thing, so I think we both trust when the other is unsure.” Read more about this team-of-two creatives and their small business shop founded in Tucson here.

Sometimes the best tools you have to advance your career—or otherwise—can be within you all along. Nothing will ever replace courage, conviction, and hard work. “I had a whole lot of heart and determination, but not a whole lot of confidence or natural talent. It’s taken me a long time, and a whole lot of hard work, to get good.” Read more about being proud of who you are and what you do, championed by singer/songwriter Shelby Earl here.

Relentlessly pursuing your talents and passions may give you the drive to start your own. "I am one of the lucky ones because I can honestly say that making the leap was a no-brainer for me. It boiled down very simply, almost primitively, to this: Do I want to feel good or do I want to feel bad?...All I had to do was listen and pay attention to what my own spirit was trying to tell me." Cindy Hwang Bokser runs Niroma Studio—she followed her heart and passion into the creative world, starting a small business that fulfills both. Read more here


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