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We're bringing back some of the best of our many features — revisiting a few inspiring women and their words that will hopefully ignite you again or, perhaps, for the first time.
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Image Credit: Erin Little from her Single Women and Their Spaces home tour 

Image Credit: Erin Little from her Single Women and Their Spaces home tour 

With our second anniversary on the horizon we thought it was time to revisit a few of the inspiring women we've been honored to feature. Here are a few favorites and the advice they shared that has resonated deeply.

It's the stunning way Moorea Seal articulated her career and how it fit her life: "A huge part of my personal pursuit within my career has been learning to live and work in a way that is not surviving, but instead, focusing, learning my capacity, and thriving."

Kathryn Hahn spoke with us about motherhood and its delicate dance of timing and fate: "It's really unfair that in the years that are so precious, when many of us are trying to figure out who we are, having children is the last thing we think about. And yet those are our most fertile times."

Erin Little's home in midcoast Maine lends itself to that old world charm and inviting space that feels just right: "The lack of any drama from living alone is heavenly. It’s also a space that I feel I can take pride in. I am supporting this space, from the rent to the things that make it a home—it’s all from my hard work."

Paco Leon on the importance of money management and financial health for creatives: "Once you understand the lay of the land, then you can prioritize what's important, assess where you're at and, hopefully, ultimately stop freaking out and handle what needs to be handled with a clear mind."

Our friend Raluca State gave us her honest insight on the just-turned-40 crisis: "We're all in a very similar phase, tainted with insecurity and emotion and maybe even a slight depression...and it's perfectly normal. It's common, even, and probably not talked about the way it should be."



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