Happy Holidays & Happy New Year (That's A Wrap On 2019)

It's been a year, hasn't it? As we usher in the next decade here are a few of the conversations we loved—actually, can we say every article we published this year? But these will be definite re-reads in 2020.
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Original artwork by Rosie Bowker

Original artwork by Rosie Bowker

Sending love and light to our phenomenal, supportive community this holiday season—we hope it is time filled with joy and redemption, as is the new year. Thank you for making our work worthwhile and for meeting us here each week. We have lots in store for 2020 and look forward to sharing more stories, insights, and profiles for and by women of an "uncertain age". 

Until then, here are some highlights of all we covered this year: 

Image credit: SYA

Image credit: SYA

On Giving Women A Voice:

Sexual Assault Survivor Alison Turkos On Justice, Healing & Self-Advocacy
"I don’t think people understand that trauma changes a person. I always tell people it has changed me down to the marrow of my bones. I wish more people understood that, understood that after you go through something traumatic the person you were going to become dies. So you’re not only attempting to heal from an incredibly horrifying experience, you’re mourning the loss of the person you once were." READ MORE

Shout Your Abortion Creator Amelia Bonow On How Her Story Grew From A Hashtag To A Movement
"SYA was started by white women from middle-class families in the most liberal part of the country; we knew we weren’t jeopardizing our most important relationships or acceptance in our communities when we decided to speak. Our bravery is a product of privilege and having been able to access and afford our abortions is a privilege in and of itself. We hope to weaponize this privilege in a way that makes the world kinder and more just for everyone, and we hope that those who don’t shout may still find healing and solidarity in the stories of others." READ MORE 

Childfreeness: Jessica Taft Langdon On Being Child-Free By Circumstance
"We’d be open and happy for a miracle, but couldn’t find justification for spending countless time, and money on our desire to be parents. I explained to doctors, family and friends that we would take our chances, live our lives, but not insist that the world owed us the experience of parenthood. It was hard, I grieved for a year or more, and we lived our lives. We are happy, thriving, creatively fulfilled, and very well aware of what we don’t have." READ MORE 

On Taking A Stand:

A Conversation On Female Power With Photojournalist Elizabeth Herman
"We all grow up in societies and in communities and we consciously and unconsciously see power...I think that associating women and power has not been done in our historical narrative or in our conversations, and definitely hasn’t been done in our imagery. It’s not enough to just have conversations about these women, we need to see them." READ MORE

Women Working For Our Planet: Meet Erin Ashe, Scientist, Co-Founder & Executive Director Of Ocean's Initiative
"I felt a deeply personal responsibility to my daughter to ensure that those whales were still around when she was an adult. I knew I couldn’t guarantee that, but I needed to be able to tell her that I tried...And we know that bold conservation actions can work. Humpback whales are making a comeback. We just had to stop whaling and provide a healthy habitat." READ MORE

A Conversation With Maternal Health Advocate & Founder Of Every Mother Counts, Christy Turlington Burns
"For a long time, I would have said that my wish was for maternal mortality to be the rare event that most of us think it is by the time my daughter was at an age when she was thinking about motherhood. She is 15 ½ now and with our current trends, progress in this country isn’t happening quickly enough to make that wish come true. This is the time to push ahead and to dig deep, just like my friend ultra marathoner Scott Jurek says." READ MORE

On Celebrating & Supporting Public Spaces
"I am here to encourage you to visit your local library—or any public space for that matter. They are community-building gathering places for those like you and unlike you. And because also with the constant barrage—guilt even—over what can I do about the state of the world? it feels right to support public institutions, especially one that instills basic humanitarian rights: learning and literacy." READ MORE

Image credit: Belathee Photography

Image credit: Belathee Photography

On Celebrating Personal Style:

Single Women & Their Spaces: Rachel Fleit's Brooklyn Apartment
"I am in the midst of one of the most fulfilling moments in my entire life. I have crystal clear clarity of what I am supposed to do in my life right now and I am doing it...I had no idea my life would look like this at 38. It’s rad all around." READ MORE

A Conversation With Rebecca Minkoff
"So, I thought, I have a mouth—I can change things and make them better. Hopefully, more examples of strong women will give girls more women to look up to and know I can be that, I can do that or I can have those rights or I can be equal. I think that was just important to me." READ MORE

Single Women & Their Spaces: Personal Stylist & Mother Of Twins, Tiffany Wendel
"The house represents your new life in a way and it will take time to feel whole and strong again. Like your life, your house will be broken down a bit but then rebuilt in an authentic, cool way that you did on your own. I am living so much more real, now and true to me. Accepting and relating to the imperfections in myself and others has brought me stronger relationships." READ MORE

Single Women & Their Spaces: Chelsea Fuss's Portugal Home 
"I think it has to do with letting go of expectations and embracing what you have. This mindfulness practice has really helped me get through the last few years. When you let go of social pressures and should be's... you learn to embrace a messy but beautiful life, and that can be applied to everything, even to home." READ MORE

Image credit: Shayna Stevenson 

Image credit: Shayna Stevenson 

On Lessons Learned:

Exercising The Choice Of Forgiveness
"When our anger feels righteous, holding on to it might make us feel superior in some way, like we earned the right to be truly pissed. But eventually righteousness will fade. And then it’s time to ask yourself, do you want to be right or do you want to be free?" READ MORE

On Traveling Alone: Why I Did It & The Lessons Learned
"Traveling alone isn’t just a different way to see the world, it’s also a way to be reminded of how the world sees you. In my experience, you are more likely to be approached by other people, and it has led to some of my favorite travel moments...There’s also the obvious: That you can do whatever you want without compromise. I drove illogical, zigzag routes, I took long baths, I ate chips with curry sauce along the harbor in Ullapool, and I hiked the Quiraing in totally inappropriate clothing and got soaked by a heavy rainfall." READ MORE

Motherhood At 40 & Beyond: Rachel Daugherty On Adopting At 42
"Over the last three to four years, I became more open about it. This was partly due to the fact that when I would mention anything about infertility, other women started to open up to me. I learned that when I made myself vulnerable, it helped others to share. Having these conversations started to make me feel a little bit better." READ MORE



Social Justice & Climate Action: A Conversation With Ashley Engle On Why You Cannot Separate The Two and How You Can Help Combat Them Both

"My advice to anyone wanting to stand up for Unci Maka (Grandmother Earth) and our future generations: Start where you are because the frontlines are truly everywhere!"


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Street Photographer & Author Gulnara Samoilova On Empowering Women, Artistic Expression & The Power of Confident Work

"I want to create an inclusive community for women artists from around the globe who are pushing the boundaries of street photography in new and exciting directions. I’m interested in empowering women so that can tap into their creativity and feel confident about making work, whether they are professional or amateur photographers."


Money and The Art of Receiving

"In our modern world, the connection between wealth and feminine energy has been mostly forgotten."


Motif Founder Shanetta McDonald On Storytelling, Healing, & Connection

"By opening up about these unique experiences, women of color build esteem and lift the shame of hiding their true selves from the world. We’re able to be seen, and feel heard, and that is healing."

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Where Do We Go From Here? Join The Fold For A Conversation About The Impact of COVID-19 on Women and Mothers In The Workplace

Join us for a free virtual event featuring Angela Garbes, The Fold's Nora Gomez-Strauss and hosted by Executive Editor, Amanda Carter Gomes.


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