Happy New Year, And That's A Wrap On 2018

As we leave 2018 behind, here's a look back at some of our favorite conversations from the year.
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Sending love and light to our phenomenal, supportive community this holiday season — we hope it was filled with joy. Thank you for making our work worthwhile and for meeting us here each week. We have lots in store for 2019 and look forward to sharing more stories, insights and profiles for and by women of an "uncertain age". Until then, here are some highlights of all we covered in 2018. 

On Living and Life: 

Our chat with Kathryn Hahn on motherhood, fertility and the film industry left us even more enamored with the stunning actress. 

Difficult truths on ending a marriage: "And it was that moment that I began my own journey to figure out how the hell I found myself in a moment I never fathomed possible."

Standing up to violence: The story of an courageous domestic abuse survivor.  

A guide to empty nesting: How families can cope with empty nests and celebrate the new chapters in their children's lives.

Preparing for our children's inevitable growth as they cross the teenager threshold, and a few tips on how to navigate the transition

On Wellness:

How to begin using, and the basics of the wellness trend, adaptogens.

On choosing sobriety at 40: Catherine Abegg chatted with us about her personal and inspiring journey. 

On navigating hormonal changes during the perimenopause shift. 

As we think about resolutions, here's a look at the power of rituals.  

On Politics:

On the personal motives behind running for political office, and how Nora Gomez-Strauss is making a difference at the local level.

How Elisabeth Egan is changing the world one witty, insightful and resisting postcard at a time.

The keys to political activism, and how you can get involved. 

On Style: 

We loved Erin Little's beautiful home and her moving thoughts on being a single mom. 

Christine Sanders is a beautiful soul who faced devastating hardship, and still managed to build a beautiful home (and life). 

Meet Kisha Vaughn, dancer, choreographer, mother and mentor, who's personal style is worth a look. 

Meet Carly Burson, ethical designer, activist and founder of Tribe Alive. We were endlessly inspired by her personal style, but her views on supporting women moved us most. 


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