We're Hiring!

The Fold is looking for two stellar interns for the upcoming spring season.
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Original artwork by Rosie Bowker

Original artwork by Rosie Bowker

The Fold is expanding and in need of a few extra hands to help support and grow our online publication and community. Please review the job descriptions below and reach out if aligned with your interests and expertise! 

Position & Details: Editorial Intern, reports to Associate Editor

-10  hours per week

-Excellent writing and copy editing skills

-Focused, creative and professional.

-Familiar with The Fold content and tone

-Comfortable with working remotely, but not opposed to quick phone chats or the occasional conference call

Position & Details: Social Media Intern, reports to Executive Editor

-Manage and grow social media channels

-Passionate about and well versed in social media nuances and trends

-Creative eye that can accurately portray the aesthetic and tone of The Fold consistently across platforms

-Captivating writer with excellent grammar 

-Comfortable with working remotely, but not opposed to quick phone chats or the occasional conference call

To apply, please email us with the subject line “Internship” by 2/28. Include your resume, writing samples and/or links to examples of your online work.



Single Women and Their Spaces: Personal Stylist and Mother of Twins, Tiffany Wendel

Sometimes the perfect respite from life's unpredictability is a favorite spot in our homes. For Tiffany Wendel, a professional stylist and mother of twins, redesigning her home after a divorce sounded like the perfect form of self care. With deep, textured greens and airy blues comprising the design direction of each room, it seems every inch of Tiffany's home is meant to pay homage to calmness, balance and, the thing she loves most of all, the ocean.


The Literary Edit: For The Love of Books

We are acknowledging this month that, like the calendar year, we also go through "seasons" of preferences--particularly when it comes to reading. While in the summers we crave lighter, airier works of fiction to the deep, enthralling stores that move us in the winter, for the month of February we are focusing on 3 memoirs that are perfect for hunkering down and fighting the cold.


What the Heck is Wellness, Anyway?

As inflated with trends and fads as the wellness industry has become, that saturation has inadvertently caused a lot of confusion around what wellness is. Whether it's a daily exercise regimen, clean eating or simply being more present, we are taking a moment to acknowledge that wellness is an ever-evolving, fluid phenomenon that means something different to everyone.

Art Made Between Opposite Sides by Tanya Aguiñiga, 2017_Photograph by Gina Clyne, Courtesy of AMBOS Project

Meet Suzy Delvalle: The Woman Turning Artists' Visions Into Realities as President & Executive Director of Creative Capital in New York City

As President and Creative Director at Creative Capital, a nonprofit support organization for artists, Suzy helps foster creativity from start to finish, providing artists with the support they need throughout their process while encouraging them to create the most groundbreaking and honest work they're capable of. We sit down with Suzy to discuss her trajectory into this truly rewarding career and the importance of community for those working in artistic fields.


9 Non-Invasive Skincare Trends

At every stage of our lives, our skin is telling a unique story about our health. That's why we've teamed up with the experts at Seattle and Bay area spas and skincare clinics, SkinSpirit, to learn all about non-invasive treatments to improve skin radiancy, reduce redness, provide some anti-aging benefits to our skin and help improve our general wellness.