See You Tonight, Seattle!

The Fold's holiday party is tonight - don't miss it!
Image credit: Allie Smith via Unsplash

Image credit: Allie Smith via Unsplash

Tonight is the night! 

Festivities begin at 5 pm at The Mountaineering Club. Don't miss your opportunity to: Shop stocking stuffer goods from conscious lifestyle brand CURA. Enjoy festive beverages and contribute to our efforts to collect hygiene products for our friends at Seattle T2P2. Listen to tunes from DJ Amanda Ochoa, and lift our collective spirits by connecting with our amazing Seattle community! 



Amanda Carter Gomes

Founder /EIC



Books, Books & More Books

“Because I’m of the old-fashioned conviction that reading is a pleasure to be carefully guarded at all times.” - Jenny Colgan, The Bookshop on the Corner

Fanny Singer and Alice Waters by Brigitte Lacombe

A Conversation With Fanny Singer About Her Mother-Daughter Memoir, Always Home

"It wasn’t that I woke up one morning and thought this is the book I needed to write, but then it was the only book I could write. I very quickly understood there was no way for me—as Alice Waters’s daughter—to exist in the public eye without acknowledging and writing that. Rather than feel encumbered by it, how can I talk about all the wonders of this relationship?"

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Single Women & Their Spaces: Robin Reetz's Brooklyn Apartment

"I like to remind myself that in our behavior, actions, and the way we treat others, we are constantly telling people who we are and what we want. That sentiment extends to what we wear and how our homes look...I've worked hard to clear my own mental and emotional clutter, and I like to think my space now represents that same thing."