Survey Says: Transparency & Moving Forward

We asked, you answered, and here are the results.
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Original artwork by Rosie Bowker

Original artwork by Rosie Bowker

A goal moving forward for us here at The Fold is a better connected community of women — we've been sharing bold and beautiful words for close to two years now, and next up is a way to bridge what you read here with in-person events and experiences. 

In the effort of transparency and to build a better digital destination, we are sharing what we learned a few weeks ago about you, our readers. We asked for feedback in the form of a quick-and-easy survey (which you can still partake!) and were admittedly a little surprised by what we discovered. 

Before you dig into the results, we have one additional request: Tell us, is this an accurate representation of you? Is this what you want from The Fold? Our hope in publishing these results with you is to garner a deeper conversation, because we do want to know who you are and what you want from this space. If the below is not representative of you and your thoughts about our site, please help us by commenting below, on Instagram, or via email what you'd like to read, attend and experience!  

Here is what you told us:

You visit The Fold online: 
Daily 9%
Weekly 16%
Monthly 23%
Only newsletter reader 54%  

Your most-loved content:
Personal style 33%
Politics 9%
Relationships 14%
Wellness 31%
Arts & Culture 13%

What you would like to read more of:
Practical guides & how-tos
Nutrition & wellness
Essays on womenhood & 
Profiles on creatives
Social justice matters
Midlife crisis advice
Personal growth
Entrepreneurial stories & small business owners

What you would like to read less of:
Non-science based claims
Beauty product round-ups
Liberal leanings
Decor & fashion
And many responses said the mix was just right/wouldn't change.

You interact with our social channels:
Yes 41%
No 58%

And here is where:
Instagram 78%
Facebook 23%
Pinterest 15%
Twitter 9%

On the subject of exclusive, member-based content for a small fee:
Yes 6%
No 45%
Maybe, cost pending 45% 

On the subject of in-person events, you want these topics explored:
Wellness 48%
Arts & culture 40%
Career 22%
Motherhood 11%
Day of connecting 37%
All of the above 31%

You are how old, and live where:
On average, 32-58 years of age
All over the US and world

Did we miss anything? 



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