The (Weekend) Edit

A few thoughts from around the web this week that gave us pause to consider our view of the world.
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Image from Casey Keasler's Dressing Room Makeover by Nicole Mason

Image from Casey Keasler's Dressing Room Makeover by Nicole Mason

Have you even heard of HSDD?: "Because of our society’s very longstanding hangups around women’s sexuality, this common condition isn’t known generally, doesn’t get talked about, and isn’t treated." (Design Mom)

The best signs from the 2019 Women's March: "Marchers came armed with signage that compared President Trump’s public trust to that of gas station sushi; others chose clever wordplay (We are not ovary-acting). There were, of course, some Beyoncé references." (Vogue)

White people assume niceness is the answer to racial inequality. It's not: "To be clear, being nice is generally a better policy than being mean. But niceness does not bring racism to the table and will not keep it on the table when so many of us who are white want it off." (The Guardian)  

Tidying up, together: "But it’s also the best tool I have for making sure that the labor that goes into running our home is shared by everyone living in it." (Reading My Tea Leaves)

Everything you need to know about the government shutdown: "Democrats continue to say they won't agree to any new money for the wall, and Trump has said he won't declare a national emergency even after the White House started to lay the groundwork for one." (The Washington Post)

Starting a new chapter is scary: "I’ve learned over the past few years that clean starts don’t exist. Blank slates are a myth. And looking forward without bringing some of the past with you is darn near impossible." (Design Sponge)



"Late Bloomers": A New Series On Honoring Your Stride

"I see creating a different kind of fashion business—one that treats its employees and collaborators respectfully and equally, treads lightly on our shared planet, honors women’s intelligence, and builds a story of personal empowerment to create a truer, beautiful, more just life."