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The world has changed in what feels like the blink of an eye. But we at The Fold still have a lot of ideas, thoughts and things to share with you...they may just look different than we anticipated.
Blue Monolith by Hans Hoffman

Blue Monolith by Hans Hoffman

Hello! We're checking in. On you, on your mental state, emotional health, financial wellbeing, and, quite frankly, your levels of optimism. In truth, for us, it vacillates between steady swimming and—in the next moment—absolute defiance that this is life as we know it now.

So we are taking solace in these words from Hans Hoffman, rediscovered via our friends at Fruitsuper (more from them soon!):

Does this sentiment resonate with you as strongly as it did for us? In considering, we are paring back the unnecessary in terms of content at The Fold. You may have noticed a bit of slowing recently, which—in full transparency—has been our taking time to re-evaluate who we are and what we want to deliver as an online publication, panel and event series. Now we find ourselves in this unknown space of where do we go from here? And what does this look like in the face of—we'll be frank—the scariest shit we've all most likely experienced. 

First, we are not here to tell you what to do or how to feel during these wholly uncertain times (though we definitely encourage you to follow the social distancing guidelines for your area, postpone unnecessary travel and to support local businesses as much as is realistic for you). But, we will be here offering resources—and glimpses of hope and humanity—during the unease. 

We're in the midst of creating content full of wit, wisdom and truth for you in smaller doses in hopes it will help make sense of the multitude of layers we're simultaneously experiencing. Reaching out to friends and experts, we're asking women to share what they know best, right now, as we try to navigate life at this unique time. From how to support struggling small businesses to sanely navigating the news (and maintaing your activism) to reading, film and music lists and honest heartfelt essays, we are ready to share what we are learning. Our first installment landed this week: A Mental Health Self Care List In The Time of Quarantine from photographer, food stylist and recipe developer, Julia Gartland.

And, if at any time you have been inspired to reach out with words to share or stories to tell, now is the time. Tell us how you are feeling, coping. We would love to hear from you, as we are actively looking for relevant ideas, thoughts and voices to share, in addition to women-owned and run businesses to amplify. Please say hi: info@thefoldmag.com.

We may be able to speak for us all when we say this pivot was unanticipated, but at least we are in it together. Be well. Stay strong. 

And may we all focus on the necessary during these abstruse times.

Amanda Carter Gomes, Executive Editor
Brooke Klauer, Managing Editor
Nora Gomez-Strauss, Arts & Culture Editor



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