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Support Small Seattle

In the wake of the coronavirus many local establishments are struggling to keep their literal and virtual doors open. As a publication that gets much of its inspiration and energy from the creative community in our own backyard, we felt it only fitting to do all we could to give back to to the city that influences our lives and our content. 

A month ago we joined forces with our friends and fellow small business owners, Civilization and fruitsuper, and together we created Support Small Seattle: an online directory and storytelling platform to help connect our community directly to the businesses that make our city vibrant. 

Support Small Seattle is founded by small businesses, for small businesses, and we will be updating it daily. Click on the categories below to find out how to best help the establishments impacted in your area. 

This is an ongoing effort and we need your help! If your business or a business you love is not yet included, please submit your/their information via this for this form.