A Small Business Support Guide

A how-to for supporting the small businesses (on every budget) in your community through the holiday season and beyond.
All illustrations by Alex Villanueva 

All illustrations by Alex Villanueva 

Today our friends from Fruit Super Shop have outlined a list of things we can ALL do to support small businesses this holiday season (including many social media oriented -zero-cost options). It goes without saying but always bears repeating, small acts make a big impact. 

Entrepreneurs are risk takers, big dreamers, and the hardest working people we know. They tirelessly shape communities, lead, participate, and give.

Small businesses are the heart of our neighborhoods—the anchors that make our cities unique. To honor and celebrate these amazing individuals at a time when they need us most, we’ve compiled this Small Business Support Guide. Ranging from several zero-cost options to direct purchases—show your favorite mom and pop, brick and mortar neighborhood gems extra love this holiday season and all year long.

Trust us, it feels oh-so-good! The power of a dollar spent locally or a 5-star review has a ripple effect equivalent to the Grinch’s heart growing three sizes.

In short, Small is the new Big. And small acts have BIG IMPACT.
*Please share, repost, and shout from the rooftops!

Without a doubt, social media this is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to show your favorite small businesses some love! And since platform rules are constantly changing, we’ve compiled a few easy ways to help beat the algorithm and give their posts the most impact. Zero cost, little time, and big love!

SBSG Social

Save a post:
“Bookmark” or saving a post to your collection is one of the best ways to show support. It’s a “super” like in Instagram language! Clicking this symbol ensures that it keeps circulating to their audience and gets as many eyes on it as possible.

Send to a friend!
Clicking this icon to send a quick message to a friend ensures the post keeps being shared. Bonus, you get to share a fun post with a friend! “This is the amazing fresh produce subscription we were telling you about!” Easy and impactful!

Leave a comment:
This can be related to the post or simply motivational. Either way, a comment of four words or more ensures post re-circulation. “Best hamburgers in town!” “Thanks for all that you’re doing for our local community!” A simple and lovely way to let your favorite neighborhood spot know that you’re thinking of them, AND it helps beat the algorithm. Win, win!

SBSG Send and Receive Notes

Subscribe to their mailing list! This is a wonderful way to support and stay in the loop of your favorite small businesses. Adding your email to their newsletter list is super quick and easy and a great zero-cost support option.

Write a note:
The power of a handwritten note to your favorite brick and mortar is beyond magical. Send a quick postcard or card to let them know how much they’re appreciated! This simple gesture will make a small business owner’s entrepreneurial heart burst with appreciation!

SBSG Review_Share

Outside of personal recommendations, we all rely heavily on digital reviews. Whether via Google, Yelp, or Trip Advisor, it just takes a few minutes to make a huge impact. Leaving positive reviews (both star ratings and comments) boosts small businesses to the top of search engines. It’s a fun and easy activity to add to your daily routine. Create 3 reviews a day for your favorite local spots across the country. Favorite nail salon, best shop to buy gifts, most creative cocktail menu? Leave them a 5 star rave review and let the world know!

Show your neighborhood gems some local love and shout it from the rooftops! Tell a friend, share, comment, post, and reshare. Upload pics of your newest treasures, a fantastic bottle of wine you’d highly recommend, and tell anyone and everyone you can how a small business went out of their way to make you feel special.

SBSG Buy Direct

Search and buy direct:
Found a product you love via a search engine or big box retailer? Take a few extra moments to find the maker or a small business and buy from them directly. This ensures that the most support possible goes straight to the small business source! Source big, buy small.

Buy a gift card:
Not only does this send a little cashflow their way today, but it also ensures you’ll be back to support them later! Gift cards to your favorite small businesses also make the perfect gift. Does your BFF live in a different city? Treat them to takeout by buying them a gift card to their favorite local restaurant.

Visit (online or in-person):
Make a direct purchase. From something as small as a notecard to a cozy, new sweater—buying direct from your favorite shops has by far the largest impact. Direct purchases not only help cover their operational costs but also gives them the motivational boost of your awesome support!

SBSG Call_Add_Tip

Add on:
To-go cocktails might be the best bonus of 2020. Add a cocktail, appetizer, or dessert to your next takeout order for a super support boost.

Tip generously:
Service industry workers have been some of the hardest hit financially and have unintentionally become frontline workers—ensuring that we don’t have to cook for ourselves every evening. Show your favorite barista, pizza delivery person, and restaurant staff extra love and add a 20-25% tip to your next order.

Call in your order:
When ordering your favorite takeout, call directly. Most online ordering systems are 3rd party services and take large percentages (up to 30%) from the business. Placing your order directly via phone ensures your favorite restaurant receives 100% of your support!


Though small businesses can’t afford to offer 2-day or free shipping, they do offer FULL hearts and great service. Most local shops have also added free curbside and/or local delivery options.


Plan ahead:
Allow extra time for packing and shipping this year. Most small businesses are doing the best they can with the smallest teams possible. Patience and kindness is key; whether when ordering takeout, buying gifts for everyone on your holiday list, or understanding inevitable shipping delays this season. Planning ahead will ensure the best small business experience possible!

SBSG_Local Love

If you’ve made it all the way to the end, you’ve earned EXTRA small business love points! The hard reality; 1 in 6 small businesses won’t survive this next year. BUT, the good news is that for every dollar spent locally, up to 60% stays in your local economy. Know that simple, little acts can have a HUGE impact. Every dollar, share, and review means the world to your small business community members and leaders. 



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