Support Small Seattle: Wellness Directory

We're supporting the small businesses of our hometown Seattle—the local establishments we adore, which need our help now more than ever.

We are lucky to be based out of Seattle, a city with an ample wellness scene to better our mental, emotional, and physical health. Support Small Seattle: Wellness Directory (below!) is a list of wellness spaces and proprietors in our community that need your help, in any way you can offer. Supporting locally-owned small businesses now will shape the future of our community (and yours!) when we all emerge and join each other again. Even following the social channels of your favorite spaces—to stay up-to-date on their latest developments and offerings—can be a small but much-needed boost.

Don't see your favorite wellness guru? Please let us know—and ask them to submit a form to be added to our list and included in our social channels

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Support Small Seattle: Wellness Directory

Arrow Hair and Beauty I Instagram

Bodytonic Pilates | Instagram

City Sweats | Instagram

Coupe Rokei Salon | Instagram

Emerald Pilates | Instagram 

K Banana Instagram

Laughing Buddah | Instagram 

Nurture by Nature Spa | Instagram 

Rainbow Remedies | Instagram

Ritual House | Instagram

Sanctuary | Instagram

Seattle Fitness  

Spruce Apothecary | Instagram 

Stephanie Gailing | Instagram

SugarPill | Instagram



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