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13 Days Until The Presidential Election. Here's What You Can Do

Political advocacy is crucial right now, and even if you have never participated before, there is a way to protect our democracy. Like Michelle Obama said, "When we all vote, we take our power back."


What It Means To Be An Ally: A Conversation With Writer and Activist, ShiShi Rose

ShiShi urges us to ask ourselves the hard questions – and to listen harder to the perspectives of POC.

A Girl Has No President Image 2

The Woman Behind: Meet Michelle, Founder and Curator of @agirlhasnopresident

A few days after the election, Michelle created @agirlhasnopresident, a politically savvy, sharp-witted Instagram account intent on keeping followers informed and activists impassioned.


The Keys To Political Activism: How To Get Involved Here and Now

There's so much noise in the news these days, it can be hard to figure out where to even begin contributing to crucial political causes. Here are some ground rules to offer some guidance (and a push to get involved in whatever ways you can).


Meet Christina Vassallo, Curator + Arts Administrator

The director of Cleveland's SPACES, a resource and public forum for experimental artists, answers all of our questions about her inspiring creative career, the intersections between art and activism and expanding the industry well beyond NYC.

Sofia Maldonado_Andy Melo

Meet Sofia Maldonado, The Puerto Rican Painter & Muralist

Contributor Nora Gomez-Strauss chatted with Sofia about making art (and making a life) in Puerto Rico post-Hurricane Maria, the role of environment in her public work and more.