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Latinx Art Is American Art Graphic

Karen Vidangos Wants To Fill The Gap In the Art World with Latinx Art Collective

"I want curators, educators, collectors, anyone with an interest in Latinx art to connect with these artists. If you are someone looking to commission a work, need a guest speaker for a panel, want to begin your Latinx art collection, LAC is where you can begin your search."


Three Artists On The Expansion of Work, Creativity and Caregiving In A Pandemic

"Pandemic life changed my relationship with my studio back to what it had once been, not somewhere of guilt and stolen time but a sanctuary where I need to be to be my full self, and consequently the best parent and partner as well."

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A Conversation with Create To Stop Hate Founder and Artist, Janel Foo

"I’m proud of having a place for people that are looking for a way to support the AAPI community to come to get information and discover our huge community of artists, and I’m just proud of building this initiative that started as such a small, simple idea."

Smithsonian Latino Center

Latinx Art Accounts To Support & Follow On Instagram Right Now

Art has the ability to give hope, transform, and lead to action. And while you are scrolling, please remember the best way to honor the Latinx and Hispanic community is to vote on November 3!


Krista Scenna, Curator and Owner of Ground Floor Gallery, on Life in the Arts, Small Business Ownership and Motherhood

Arts & Culture Editor, Nora Gomez-Strauss, spoke with Ground Floor Gallery owner Krista Scenna about life in the arts right now and raising children in this volatile time.


Support Small Seattle: Culture Directory

We're supporting the small businesses of our hometown Seattle—the local establishments we adore and that need our help now more than ever.

Melanie Biehle_THE FOLD_Infinite_30x40

How Being An Artist & Dealing With Financial Devastation Prepared Me For Living With Uncertainty

"Be as kind to yourself, your family, your neighbors, and strangers as you can right now. Everyone is moving through this time in their own way. And if you aren’t one already, you can try pretending to be a working artist moving through a rough patch."

cover ABCs of AOC

The ABCs of AOC with artist Krystal Quiles

It's Super Tuesday and in our efforts to encourage you to VOTE, we present an inspiring and positive political read appropriate for all ages!


On Our Radar: 6 Female-Led Podcasts

The advice, stories, and discussions—by women and for women—that we've been listening to lately and highly recommend.


A Conversation with Photographer, Joni Sternbach

Joni Sternbach's collection of work spans years, cities, subjects and landscapes. Her evolution to surf culture was not intentional or planned, but the images she has created offer a timeless look at the ocean and the photographic process.


On Our Radar: End-Of-Summer Edition

What we're eating, buying, reading, listening to and racing to see before the end of summer 2019!


On Our Radar: The Almost Summer Edit

We're on the cusp of summer, so here are a few thoughts, ideas, and a bit of advice to embrace before the season slips into full swing.


Style In Seattle: A New Exhibit Exploring Fashion

The Fold toured the new MOHAI exhibit - Seattle Style: Fashion/Function, which opens today, and explores the evolution of fashion in our hometown.


On Our Radar: Sundance Film Festival

A first-time Sundance goer checks out the most diverse and inclusive season of the Festival to date.


Nine Lovely Things

We could all use a little good news right now. Today we take a look at the brighter side of life and share 9 things that made us smile.


The (Culture) Edit

Words and ideas that made us pause, think and, most importantly, consider what is happening in the world.


The Woman Behind: Frances Tulk-Hart, Creator of @2000Taken

Meet Frances Tulk-Hart, the artist, activist and mother who is bringing continued awareness to the immigration crisis with her platform @2000Taken.

JOIN shop 4

Meet Sallyann Corn, Co-Founder and Manager Of JOIN Design

We chat with Sallyann Corn about building community, supporting American-made goods, and uniting with other independent artists and designers through her involvement in a unique coast-to-coast collective called JOIN.

Sylvia Palacios Whitman

Our Nationwide Guide To This Spring's Top Art Exhibits

Arts & Culture Editor, Nora Gomez Strauss, took a look at the season's art openings happening all across the country and made a list of the ones we're anticipating most (with dates and links for easy reference).


The (Web) Edit

Our must read stories from across the web this week.

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The (Web) Edit

Our must read stories from across the web this week.


Must-Reads For Your Holiday Break

Whether you want to gift the perfect hardcover to your favorite book worm, or you need some entertainment on a long flight home for the holidays, we've got you covered.


Lisa Congdon on A Glorious Freedom and Being A Torchbearer For Women Over 40

Lisa Congdon's latest book is both visually and thematically inspiring. A Glorious Freedom reminds us there is much to live and learn over the age of 40.


The (Web) Edit

The articles on our weekend reading list.