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Where do we go from here Headshots

Where Do We Go From Here? Join The Fold For A Conversation About The Impact of COVID-19 on Women and Mothers In The Workplace

Join us for a free virtual event featuring Angela Garbes, The Fold's Nora Gomez-Strauss and hosted by Executive Editor, Amanda Carter Gomes.


Tracy Rocca On Her Upcoming Show, The Realities of Being A "Working Artist" and The Importance of Supporting Women In The Arts

"I’ve never made a choice to paint or create art, it’s something I’ve always had to do. There’s something I’m trying to communicate, and I continually experiment with paint in an attempt to say it."

Elizabeth D. Herman, a photographer and doctoral candidate in political science, takes Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s portrait on Capitol Hill.

A Conversation On Female Power With Photojournalist Elizabeth Herman

It is no secret that women have been seriously underrepresented in the history books. Photojournalist Elizabeth Herman, however, is out to change this by documenting each woman currently serving in the United States Congress. Herman discusses her experience capturing the electrifying energy of the women of the 116th Congress and the type of empowerment young women deserve to see in their lives, every day.


Carrie Akre On Her 10 Year Hiatus, Returning To The Rock Star Life and Becoming A Mother of One

Contributor and musician Shelby Earle talks with Carrie Akre about career transitions, assumptions about motherhood in a male dominated industry, her 10 year hiatus making music and the thing that is bringing her back to the limelight.


Meet Christina Vassallo, Curator + Arts Administrator

The director of Cleveland's SPACES, a resource and public forum for experimental artists, answers all of our questions about her inspiring creative career, the intersections between art and activism and expanding the industry well beyond NYC.


A Conversation with Sally Rumble, Creative Activist + Community Builder

Sally talked to us about serving as Chief Happiness Officer at CreativeMornings, why she's now pursuing social justice work full-time, and following her heart as a time management technique.