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Childfreeness: Child Free By Circumstance, Facing Infertility After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

"I was so focused on making choices that would allow me to grow old and have a life that everything else came second. I had to put myself and my health first, which felt radical even while facing a life-threatening disease. It is often expected that women put others before themselves, making decisions based on the good of their partners and families, not necessarily their own needs."

Erin Franklin_childfreeness

Childfreeness:On Becoming A Stepparent

One woman discusses the evolution of her relationship to her partner, herself, her future stepchildren and her work as she transitions from from childfree by choice to pending parenthood as a stepmother.


Childfreeness: Is it environmentally sustainable to have children? (A conversation with Environmental Policy professional about her decision to be childfree.)

Gretchen Jones talks with Environmental Policy professional, Lisa McNally, about her decision to be childfree thus far, the surprising impact of children on the environment (it's not what you think!) and how her progressive upbringing laid the foundation for her leading a self actualized life.


Childfreeness: Jonnyka Bormann On Being Childfree By Choice

In this month's Childfreeness column we discuss the impacts of education on procreation, the difference between being a childfree Gen Xer and a childfree Millennial, the myth that a childfree life = stress freel life, plus much more with Jonnyka Borman.

jessicataftlangdon (1)

Childfreeness: Jessica Taft Langdon On Being Child-Free By Circumstance

"Taking the path of parenthood may bring you closer to those you know who are also parents, or it may not. It’s easy for me to generalize about my friends and those in my communities who have kids about what their lives are like. And it’s all too easy for them to make assumptions about me."


A New Column: 'Childfreeness'

Today we introduce a new column, led by Gretchen Jones, that will challenge the assumptions and stigmas surrounding living a life that is child-free.