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Five Minutes Of Escapism For Your Day

This week might just be the longest of the year thus far—thankfully we've got a quick break for you in the form of online levity.


"It's Raining...I Love You: Self-Portraits" Photographers on Their Book and The 20+ Year Relationship That Served As Its Inspiration

"It made me realize the power and vulnerability involved in sitting in front of a camera and staring directly into the lens and how a collaboration between subject and photographer can become empowering and revolutionary."


DJ Sharlese Metcalf Shares Her Favorite Albums Of The Year (Thus Far)

Need a good listen for the long weekend? We have you covered!

Zai Divecha Paper Star Tutorial - 2

A Simple & Soothing Activity To Relax The Mind From Creative Zai Divecha

"For me, learning new skills is a form of self-care. It's helping me cope...Take care of yourself in whatever way you need. Trust your gut, and do what you need to do in order to survive."


Reflections On Aging From 18 Remarkable Women

We're a publication written by and for women of an uncertain age and particular attitude—and these incredible women embody all that we stand for, especially their thoughts on the nuances of aging.

2019-03-11 15.31.16 copy kiko @ 2000

Meet Kiko Eisner-Waters, Founder of CURA Collective

Take a tour of Seattle's latest boutique gem, CURA, and meet Kiko Eisner-Waters, the woman behind the shop that's changing how we view the "lifestyle" industry.

Jennifer Caviola caviola6am

Mothers Of Creation: On The Intersection of Motherhood And Creativity

On the cusp of Mother's Day, The Fold's Arts & Culture Editor Nora Gomez-Strauss spoke with women about the creative aspect of mothering and also the layers of their own creative endeavors and the impact motherhood has made.

A Girl Has No President Image 2

The Woman Behind: Meet Michelle, Founder and Curator of @agirlhasnopresident

A few days after the election, Michelle created @agirlhasnopresident, a politically savvy, sharp-witted Instagram account intent on keeping followers informed and activists impassioned.


The Woman Behind: Frances Tulk-Hart, Creator of @2000Taken

Meet Frances Tulk-Hart, the artist, activist and mother who is bringing continued awareness to the immigration crisis with her platform @2000Taken.