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Money and The Art of Receiving

"In our modern world, the connection between wealth and feminine energy has been mostly forgotten."


A Financial Tool For Self-Employed Wearers Of Many Hats

A tool that helps self-employed individuals manage their budgets, track their expenses - and oh yes, pay their taxes!


Join Us For Our First Financial Wellness Event with Hillary Augustine co-hosted by The Fold x Moorea Seal

You're invited to create optimal financial and lifestyle alignment in 2018. Learn about the intersections of life's four main currencies: Time, Money, Energy, and Space as you craft your life and build your future dreams!


Financial Wisdom For Creatives from Paco Leon, Founder of The Hell Yeah Group

Wanting to build a business around your creative work, but nervous about tackling the finances? This money-savvy entrepreneur offers all sorts of tools and insights to help.


Assessing Inputs: A Holistic Exercise For A Healthy Financial LifeSystem

When was the last time you took a conscious look at the way you spend your time and energy? This unique assessment strategy will help you allocate your efforts more judiciously, for the sake of your financial (and holistic) health.


In Yoga And In Money: Attach And Detach

Our Money Editor shares some fascinating insights on the overlaps between a yoga practice and a sustainable approach to money and saving, plus specific exercises for working with the two disciplines in support of one another.


Looking: The Gift of Power and Agency

When we make the effort to truly observe our financial landscapes, we're more poised to cultivate the monetary success we crave. These three exercises are a great place to start.


The Economy Of Caring

Crowdfunding has become more than just a trend and is starting to solidify its roots in our culture and economy. Today, our resident financial health expert reflects on the way it brings us all together.