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Last Minute Gift Ideas - Books To Give & Receive: The Fold's Best Books of 2019

We brought you quite the book selection this year. Here are a few standouts we are giving (and hoping to receive!) this holiday season.


See You Tonight, Seattle!

It's The Fold's holiday party and you are invited!


A CBD Holiday Cocktail Recipe and an Interview With Shae Whitney: Owner and Founder of DRAM Apothecary

We are dying to try these stunning CBD holiday cocktails crafted by DRAM Apothecary founder, and herbal alchemist, Shae Whitney. In an enlightening interview with the small business owner, we uncover the secrete to managing holiday stress without a hangover, the basics of CBD and her journey to open the first wildforged bitters company in the US.


A Holiday Resilience Plan

Amidst all of the joy and feelings of gratitude we experience around the holidays, it's inevitable that a little bit of stress finds its way into our lives between family dinners and stuffed shopping centers. We have compiled a list of exercises to boost our resilience to holiday stress, identify what is truly important and manifest those feelings of warmth we crave all winter.

Femme extra-ordinaire

On Our Radar: Holiday Edition

What's been on our mind recently, and thoughts for heading into the hectic-but-beautiful holiday season.


The Wheel of the Year: Celebrating Yule, The Winter Solstice

December 21st will be the shortest day of the year and the start of winter. Here are a few ways to commemorate it, inspired by ancient Yule traditions.


Gifts To Give Yourself This Season

Treat your body, mind and soul to some extra pampering, so you can start 2018 on a good foot.


Must-Reads For Your Holiday Break

Whether you want to gift the perfect hardcover to your favorite book worm, or you need some entertainment on a long flight home for the holidays, we've got you covered.


Gifting Go-To's From Our Favorite Shop Owners

We asked the owners of a few top U.S. boutiques to tell us what they're planning to give and hoping to receive this year, including ideas that are 100% free.


This Season's Top Maker Markets For Holiday Shopping

Trying to shop locally and support creative makers this gift-giving season? Here are the top pop-up markets to check out.


Giving Back On Giving Tuesday (And All Season Long)

We spoke with the co-founder of Seattle nonprofit, Aurora Commons, about the wisest ways to volunteer our time and other resources + how to truly engage with our local community during the holiday season.


3 Ways To Cultivate Personal Growth Through Holiday Shopping

However hard we might try to resist the marketing tricks and temptations, holiday shopping has a way of getting the best of us...but not this year, thanks to these personal growth-oriented strategies.


The Wheel Of The Year: Celebrating Samhain, the holiday that honors ancestors and other spiritual deaths

This upcoming Wiccan holiday urges us to honor our ancestors who have passed away, plus the more personal, internal "deaths" we experience on a regular basis. Here's how to celebrate thoughtfully.


The Wheel Of The Year: Celebrating Mabon

We're celebrating our first Wheel of the Year holiday together, with plenty of gratitude and rosemary apple pie to go around.