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Single Women and Their Spaces: Jen Patterson's Art-Filled Midcentury Home

"I always want to be in ease and flow and meaning so I am constantly weeding out what's no longer necessary and rearranging to bring forward something that is calling."


Single Women And Their Spaces: Kim Chin's "Grounding" Seattle Home

"These voices warm my home with stories of where I've traveled to, who I have shared time with, and how far I have come on my journey. It's a great reminder of impermanence, gratitude, and solidarity."

Arroz con Leche Photos 21

Hungry Hearts: Aran Goyaga's Arroz Con Leche

"Arroz con leche defines my childhood in so many ways. It is the simplest rice pudding recipe you will ever find with very few ingredients, but it does require some attention and time nursing it at the stove."


Single Women and Their Spaces: Julianne Johnson

In our latest installment of the Single Women and Their Spaces series, we tour the home of artist and designer, Julianne Johnson. It seems every corner of this house is designed with intension to optimize space, not only for living, but also for dreaming.

The Sea and Salt

On Our Radar: The Affordable Art Edition

Art & Culture Editor, Nora Gomez-Strauss, just welcomed a new baby to her family. Today is is sharing a few ways to spruce up your walls with unique but affordable prints and modern art pieces.


Single Women and Their Spaces: Caroline Donofrio

We're starting a new series to highlight the homes of single women of an uncertain age, talking about both the design details and the specific gifts and challenges of living alone.


How We Live: Sharing A Space

We're embracing a family-friendly version of the "co-working" trend at home — between ourselves and our little ones.