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The Woman Behind: Jessica Yellin, Author Of Savage News And The Voice Of #NewsNotNoise

Jessica Yellin has created a unique space in the media landscape, presenting a concise, calm and noiseless version of the news via her Instagram platform. We spoke with Jessica about her debut fiction novel, Savage News, making mid-life career pivots, and how we can all distill our news consumption to get the facts that matter.

Elizabeth D. Herman, a photographer and doctoral candidate in political science, takes Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s portrait on Capitol Hill.

A Conversation On Female Power With Photojournalist Elizabeth Herman

It is no secret that women have been seriously underrepresented in the history books. Photojournalist Elizabeth Herman, however, is out to change this by documenting each woman currently serving in the United States Congress. Herman discusses her experience capturing the electrifying energy of the women of the 116th Congress and the type of empowerment young women deserve to see in their lives, every day.


Feminism and Science, What We Know and How Far We Have To Go: A conversation with renowned journalist and author, Angela Saini

"There are many people within science that think of women as inferior; we have a long way to go—and it’s not just a problem for science, it’s a problem for all of us. Because what science says is directly related to the issues, prejudices, and biases that exist."