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Mixed Emotions: Kay Brown on Finding Her Place as a Multi-Racial Millennial

“I think I would be considered somewhat of a white passing standard, but it diminishes the fact that I am still half black”


A Letter From Queens (In The Midst Of Coronovirus)

"I have always treasured art, music, and literature, but as of late, I am reminded that they are a part of our survival, part of what keeps us mentally and emotionally healthy...these have all become my family’s stability in this time of uncertainty."


Childfreeness: Is it environmentally sustainable to have children? (A conversation with Environmental Policy professional about her decision to be childfree.)

Gretchen Jones talks with Environmental Policy professional, Lisa McNally, about her decision to be childfree thus far, the surprising impact of children on the environment (it's not what you think!) and how her progressive upbringing laid the foundation for her leading a self actualized life.


Childfreeness: Jonnyka Bormann On Being Childfree By Choice

In this month's Childfreeness column we discuss the impacts of education on procreation, the difference between being a childfree Gen Xer and a childfree Millennial, the myth that a childfree life = stress freel life, plus much more with Jonnyka Borman.


Exercising The Choice of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a conscious choice and one that does not come without a fair amount of work. Is it worth it? That all depends on you.


"To be honest, I’ve never pictured myself with kids": On The Choice To Not Have Children

Child bearing can be a beautiful choice, but also one that many women wrestle with. We recently sought the perspective of a 40-year-old friend who has chosen to not have children, today she shares her experience and offer insights to anyone curious about her decision.


On Our Radar: Sex in 2019

Yes, Valentine's Day is coming. Yes, it may mean sex. Here are a few thoughts.


"There's No Such Thing As An Easy Divorce" and Other Truths On Ending A Marriage

Frequent contributor Jen CK Jacobs talks about the dissolution of her first marriage and the clarity that can come from grappling with love and loss.


Standing Up To Violence: The Story Of A Domestic Abuse Survivor

We're so honored to share this thoroughly honest, brave and commendable woman's story, all offered in an effort to help anyone who might find themselves in a similar situation.