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Seattle Politics


A Day In The Life Of Local Politician Kirsten Harris-Talley

"I will say at the intersection of being a woman and black, the amount of expectation and exceptionalism—we should not be burning ourselves out. Folks expect that, but we can reject that—we can say no and take care of ourselves better. I am still working on this, in a collective in activism, you don’t have to hold everything. We have been trying to build that in the campaign."


Women In Politics: Kirsten Harris-Talley on Her Evolution From Activist to Running for State Representative in Seattle's 37th District

"Of, for and by the people, if people isn’t center to everything you’re doing, then why are you doing it?" Meet Kirsten Harris-Talley, she is running for State Representative in Seattle's 37th District, and is the first profile for our Women In Politics series.