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The Basics on Intuition, Energy Healing & The Powers Within

We spoke with energy healer Tiffany Jane Challis on how to harness and promote intuitive healing. She gave us a lesson in alternative self-care and tips for walking the path to spiritual wellness.


What the Heck is Wellness, Anyway?

As inflated with trends and fads as the wellness industry has become, that saturation has inadvertently caused a lot of confusion around what wellness is. Whether it's a daily exercise regimen, clean eating or simply being more present, we are taking a moment to acknowledge that wellness is an ever-evolving, fluid phenomenon that means something different to everyone.


The Wheel Of The Year: Celebrating The Summer Solstice

The longest day of sunshine is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the start of summer, and we've assembled a few ideas for doing so (both alone and with family or friends).


The Wheel Of The Year: Celebrating Imbolc With An Old-Meets-New Journaling Ritual

Our spirituality editor invites us to honor the latest Wiccan holiday by creating a "Book of Shadows," inspired by an awesome ancient goddess.


The Wheel Of The Year: Celebrating Mabon

We're celebrating our first Wheel of the Year holiday together, with plenty of gratitude and rosemary apple pie to go around.


Spirituality: Introducing The Wheel Of The Year

Our columnist on all things spiritual, Jen CK Jacobs, introduces us to eight seasonal holidays that can inform our spiritual practices throughout the year.