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Thoughts On Womenhood


6 Fold Women On How Their Beauty Routines Have Changed In Quarantine

We asked a few friends to tell us about how more time at home has impacted their daily beauty and skincare regimes. Their answers were surprising, conveniently low-maintenance, and refreshingly honest.


Reflections On Aging From 18 Remarkable Women

We're a publication written by and for women of an uncertain age and particular attitude—and these incredible women embody all that we stand for, especially their thoughts on the nuances of aging.


The Woman Behind: Molly Schiot, Creator Of The Unsung Heroines

“It’s paramount that we honor women who paved the way for us, because without visibility our history becomes lost."

Quiraing Hike

On Traveling Alone: Why I Did It & The Lessons Learned

"Traveling alone isn’t just a different way to see the world, it’s also a way to be reminded of how the world sees you."


What Do You Consider The Most Overrated Virtue?

We've been taught for eons what is polite and right, but now we are re-considering the virtues that may not serve us well today.