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Wheel Of The Year


The Wheel of the Year: The Season of Lughnasadh

We are spending our last, lazy days of summer perusing local farmer's markets, getting our hands dirty in our gardens and baking fresh treats for our loved ones. Celebrate in traditional style with this delicious Soda Bread recipe.


The Wheel Of The Year: Celebrating The Summer Solstice

The longest day of sunshine is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the start of summer, and we've assembled a few ideas for doing so (both alone and with family or friends).


The Wheel Of The Year: Celebrating Beltane

Light some festive candles and honor your inner Spring Goddess with the ancient Irish tradition, Beltane.


The Wheel Of The Year: Celebrating Eostre, The Goddess Of Spring And Fertility

Both Easter and Passover are coming up this weekend, along with a special full moon. Here's a look at how these rituals are all anciently entwined, with simple suggestions celebrating accordingly.


The Wheel Of The Year: Celebrating Imbolc With An Old-Meets-New Journaling Ritual

Our spirituality editor invites us to honor the latest Wiccan holiday by creating a "Book of Shadows," inspired by an awesome ancient goddess.


The Wheel of the Year: Celebrating Yule, The Winter Solstice

December 21st will be the shortest day of the year and the start of winter. Here are a few ways to commemorate it, inspired by ancient Yule traditions.


The Wheel Of The Year: Celebrating Samhain, the holiday that honors ancestors and other spiritual deaths

This upcoming Wiccan holiday urges us to honor our ancestors who have passed away, plus the more personal, internal "deaths" we experience on a regular basis. Here's how to celebrate thoughtfully.


The Wheel Of The Year: Celebrating Mabon

We're celebrating our first Wheel of the Year holiday together, with plenty of gratitude and rosemary apple pie to go around.


Spirituality: Introducing The Wheel Of The Year

Our columnist on all things spiritual, Jen CK Jacobs, introduces us to eight seasonal holidays that can inform our spiritual practices throughout the year.