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The Literary Edit: For The Love of Books

We are acknowledging this month that, like the calendar year, we also go through "seasons" of preferences--particularly when it comes to reading. While in the summers we crave lighter, airier works of fiction to the deep, enthralling stores that move us in the winter, for the month of February we are focusing on 3 memoirs that are perfect for hunkering down and fighting the cold.


February Tarotscopes

V of Heirophant and The Hanged Man are two of the Tarot cards, among many others, in our tarotscope reading this February. Find out which card your sign will be following this month, and what February holds for each of your Zodiac signs.


December Tarotscopes

Our zodiac tarot card reading this month sheds light on what the beginning of winter has in store for each sign. Find out exactly which card your sign pulled this December, and head into the holidays with confidence and direction.


The Wheel of the Year: Celebrating Yule, The Winter Solstice

December 21st will be the shortest day of the year and the start of winter. Here are a few ways to commemorate it, inspired by ancient Yule traditions.


Winter's Best Books: Behind The Scenes With quarterlane + The Fold Memoir Box

Get a sneak peek at quarterlane's latest book collections, all jam-packed with dreamy winter reads. (And don't miss this season's special collaboration between quarterlane and The Fold!)