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Women In The Arts


Single Women And Their Spaces: Rachel Fleit's Brooklyn Apartment

"I am in the midst of one of the most fulfilling moments in my entire life. I have crystal clear clarity of what I am supposed to do in my life right now and I am doing it...I had no idea my life would look like this at 38. It’s rad all around."


Tracy Rocca On Her Upcoming Show, The Realities of Being A "Working Artist" and The Importance of Supporting Women In The Arts

"I’ve never made a choice to paint or create art, it’s something I’ve always had to do. There’s something I’m trying to communicate, and I continually experiment with paint in an attempt to say it."


Style In Seattle: A New Exhibit Exploring Fashion

The Fold toured the new MOHAI exhibit - Seattle Style: Fashion/Function, which opens today, and explores the evolution of fashion in our hometown.

bell hooks - Gloria Watkins

Remarkable Women Who Impacted The Arts

For our next Women In History installment we discuss the groundbreaking accomplishments of five impactful women in the arts.


On Our Radar: Sundance Film Festival

A first-time Sundance goer checks out the most diverse and inclusive season of the Festival to date.