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Women Of An Uncertain Age


Reflections On Aging From 18 Remarkable Women

We're a publication written by and for women of an uncertain age and particular attitude—and these incredible women embody all that we stand for, especially their thoughts on the nuances of aging.


A Conversation With Glynnis MacNicol, Author of No One Tells You This

For a lot of women, it can often feel as though stories about women in their 40s are few and far between. In her latest novel, No One Tells You This, author Glynnis MacNicol discusses the particularly difficult year in which she turned 40 and the self reflection that allowed her to realize being 40 is, actually, amazing.


Navigating Hormones: Facts on Perimenopause and The Things You Can Be Doing Now To Prepare Your Body for Natural Hormonal Shifts

We investigate that seldom talked about stage of menopause, commonly referred to as perimenopause, and various ways we can tune into our bodies to ebb symptoms brought on by hormonal changes.


It's Been A Year: Photos from our anniversary event!

The photos and details from our one year anniversary celebration in Brooklyn!