7 Fold Women On How Their Beauty Routines Have Changed In Quarantine

We asked a few friends to tell us about how more time at home has impacted their daily beauty and skincare regimes. Their answers were surprising, conveniently low-maintenance, and refreshingly honest.
Kisha Vauhan, Image credit: Lelita McKill

Kisha Vauhan, Image credit: Lelita McKill

Of all the things that have changed in the past two months, our beauty and skincare routines are one thing that may have remained a constant. We were curious if for some they had indeed stayed the same, or if a lack of leaving the house regularly altered outlooks on what we deem as necessary or even appealing. We asked a few friends to share their current regimens and thoughts on beauty during quarantine, and loved what they had to say.

Kisha Vaughan 

Since there is all the time in the world for rituals and regimes I’ve tried to be good about it since it helps me feel like I have control over something. Morning starts with a cup of warm water before I take my tinctures and supplements. I’ve also been taking every morning the DRAM Big Mood CBD oil internally and then Osea Vagus Nerve Oil topically just to help with keeping my calm. I feel like the combo has helped paired with some morning meditation to get the day off to a good emotional start.

On my face I’ve tried to be routine with my products to see if with regular use they make a difference. I wash with Osea Ocean cleanser and exfoliate weekly with Jeffrey James Botanicals The Exfoliant. I use my homemade toner that is rose water and witch hazel and then follow up with Jeffrey James The Serum and The Glow. Head-to-toe I apply either Egyptian Magic Balm or Elara Gold Pot. The hydration on those is REAL. I feel like the texture and tightness of my skin has really improved. Natura Bissē has two masks that are bomb. The Diamond Ice-Lift and The Diamond Extreme Mask. One you leave on for twenty minutes the other you can leave on overnight. 

I didn’t really wear make up before other than mascara. Definitely miss wearing mascara! But yeah, sprinkle in the occasional face roller, collagen drink, and hand mask and I feel pretty good about coming out of my cocoon.

Elizabeth Kendig

Elizabeth Kendig

Elizabeth Kendig

I can’t think of a time when I’ve gone this long without wearing makeup on a regular basis—and my skin shows it. I noticed a difference in clarity and brightness in the first few weeks of not wearing makeup. I also have to think that lack of pollution right now is helping us all.

Most days I don’t even wash my face in the morning, I let the natural moisture barrier do its job and just slap on some SPF 50 for walking the dog in the California sun (Mychelle tinted stick). My evening routine hasn’t changed, nor has exfoliating 2-3x a week, with a mask or two on Sundays.

Haircare is also the wild wild west. I’m shampooing as little as possible to preserve my color but noticing a few grays which *may* have more to do with stress than anything! I usually give myself a proper blowout once a week—a zoom happy hour is a good excuse—and make it last as long as possible with dry shampoo. More than anything I can’t imagine going back to getting ready nearly every single day. What a time suck!

Kiko Waters

Kiko Waters

Kiko Eisner-Waters

I’m fairly low maintenance in general, while I have my hands in many creative endeavors, I am completely inept in the art of hair and beauty. Tragically, I had to cut my sons hair last week suffice to say, it’s fortunate he can’t see the back.

My pre pandemic make-up routine was limited to events or customer facing work. Under quarantine when I do pull myself together for a zoom call it’s only in a professional context. Social zooms, I’m just 100% me, though I always try to wear statement earrings, even when I’m pantless, jk I have not had a pantless zoom.

Skincare is very simple for me too. Pre and post covid daily routine hasn’t changed too much. I don’t wash my face with soap just water and if I wear makeup I remove it with facial oil. In the AM I use a serum, a moisturizer, sunscreen and facial oil.

In the evening if I remember I’ll put on an anti -aging serum. I probably do it 3-4xs a week. Since we’ve been in shelter in place Ive started to use a mask 2xs a week and my pores are definitely better for it. And I’m taking a lot of baths with argan oil. Which is good for my mental health and skin, but the bathtub requires a more frequent and heavier scrub, I never knew argan oil is sticky!

Brooke Klauer

Brooke Klauer

Brooke Klauer

For the first week or so at home, I thought why even bother? But then that mindset turned bothersome. As with most else in the stay-at-home life trying to have some semblance of normalcy prevailed, including my beauty, or rather, skincare routine. I'm not much more than a mascara and lip balm on the regular, with swipe of blush when-I'm-feeling-fancy kind of girl. So for makeup matters, yes, that is currently resigned. 

But my skincare nightly routine slipped back into place, along with a few moments of much needed quiet after long chaotic days. As of late I've been obsessed with Tata Harper's Purifying Cleanser. Yes, the price tag is absurd but so are the sizes of my pores. And I don't use it every night, I have Cetaphil stashed in the shower for that. I've toggled between Origins and Beautycounter as my lotion-potion mainstays for a good while, but truth be told I'm about ready to switch it up. That said, here's the current rotation: Anti-Aging Power Serum, Adaptive Moisture Lotion, Youth-Renewing Face Oil. And for a little vitamin C when I'm in the mood: Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum

I also dabble in day lotion with SPF (Ursa Major Daily Defense) when Michigan's fickle spring weather decides to throw some sun our way. As for eye cream, I'm not devoted to it, and if feels necessary, I scrounge around in my drawer for a sample tube of some sort. Any suggestions? As to the necessary part. Regardless, what I do know these days is that I've earned a few more laugh lines, a lot more worry lines, and newfound perspective to appreciate each and every one. 

Nora Gomez-Strauss

Nora Gomez-Strauss

Nora Gomez-Strauss

Super weird, but my skincare / makeup routine is almost unchanged! I'm allergic to fragrance (an allergy I developed in my first pregnancy) and a lot of makeup and skincare products have it (including many that claim to be "natural"). Because of that, I've only used the same handful of products every day for a few years. 

That said, I'm religious about slathering my face and body in coconut oil post-shower and I wash my face daily with Glossier's Jelly Cleanser and a scrubbing mitt. I am also religious about winged eyeliner EVERY DAY, it's my security blanket. Have you ever gone to a yoga class and wondered what's up the woman wearing eyeliner? That's me! 

One thing that has changed is that my lips are really dry, which may be the product of so much hand washing. The human body is fascinating! My son's super hero Lip Smackers weren't cutting it and luckily Glossier's balm dotcom shipped really fast and saved my chapped mouth.

*I swear I'm not being paid by Glossier. 


Amanda Carter Gomes

I am an admitted skincare junkie, willing to try most any product in the name of achieving a dewy, natural looking glow. (The irony is not lost on me.)

My routine in the past two months has vacillated between a longer one of serums, toners, moisturizers, and capping it all off with a nightly facial massage using a favorite oil (Isa Lazo recently sent their toner and facial oil my way, and so far I am loving it) to literally doing nothing. I am curious to know if anyone else is finding themselves in these extremes? The latter is admittedly happening around once, maybe twice a week, I will use a facial wipe and call it good. It feels almost rebellious, for some reason. Perhaps because I am not an instinctual rule follower and there is little we can all do to break the rules right now, or more clearly: I don't want to break the rules outside my home right now. 

Inevitably the next day I wake up wishing I had just done the longer drill, so will try to overcompensate with a mask or two. While all of these are nice and good, I feel that my expectations around beauty are shifting. Yes, I still love skincare and trying different products and will forever be a sunscreen addict, but I am craving simplicity. I want all natural lines with natural ingredients. I am also finding that my skin (and I) feel best after a long run, or just time outside and in nature. It doesn't get much easier than that. 


Jenny Jimenez

I haven’t been consistent at all. Basically wash then use whatever moisturizer is available and I’m not afraid of running out of for fear I don’t have the funds to purchase again. Oh, and no makeup unless I go food shopping, which is when I do my brows since they’re the main visible feature and I don’t have the energy to put on eyeshadow.



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